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The gender pay gap in the English NHS: Analysis of some of the underlying causes

Report 13/05/2019John Appleby | Laura Schlepper

This briefing looks at differences in basic pay between men and women employed by the NHS in England, based on data from the NHS electronic staff record for one month. As well as drawing on previous analyses to describe the extent of overall pay differences by staff group, pay band, age and ethnicit...

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April by far the worst on record for the NHS and patients will want to know when the end is in sight

Press release 09/05/2019

Professor John Appleby responds to the latest A&E performance figures for the NHS in England.

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Natasha Curry responds to Centre for Policy Studies report ‘Fixing the Care Crisis’ by Damian Green MP

Press release 29/04/2019

The system the paper proposes is encouraging, but funding provision outlined falls far short of what is needed to keep current system afloat.

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How to fund social care?

Briefing 11/04/2019

15 options for funding social care.

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What principles should underpin the funding system for social care?

Blog post 11/04/2019Camille Oung | Laura Schlepper

While there may not be one perfect way to fund social care, Camille Oung and Laura Schlepper describe four principles that should be central to any approach.

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Having your fudge and eating it

Blog post 05/04/2019Sally Gainsbury

Long read: Sally Gainsbury takes a closer look at NHS sustainability funds and control totals, and what they might actually mean for the providers who have played their part over the past three years.

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What should a good social care system look like?

Blog post 04/04/2019Natasha Curry

As the wait for the green paper goes on, we’ll next week publish a blog looking at the principles that best underpin an effective funding system for social care. Before then, Natasha Curry takes a step back and looks at what a good social care system might actually look like.

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How to address the challenge of multimorbidity?

Blog post 02/04/2019Dr Charlotte Paddison

With slow progress being made on a promise to redesign health care for the people who use it, Charlotte Paddison argues for two key changes in how multimorbidity is tackled.

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What will the proposed A&E waiting time targets mean for patients?

Blog post 22/03/2019Sarah Scobie

With urgent and emergency care one of the most contentious areas in the NHS, Sarah Scobie explores how the new A&E measures will impact patients.

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