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Ambulance staff are working harder than ever to manage demand

Blog post 12/04/2017Matt Green

Ambulance staff provide great care, writes paramedic Matt Green, but growing pressures are making it much harder.

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Winter Insight: The ambulance service

Report 07/04/2017John Appleby | Mark Dayan

The ambulance service has come to be a totemic symbol of the NHS in England, free at the point of use and available to all. It represents the fundamental duty of care at the heart of the health service and is an expression of the dedication of NHS staff. In our final winter briefing, we look at thes...

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Nuffield Trust responds to January Combined Performance Summary

Press release 09/03/2017

John Appleby comments on the latest NHS England performance figures.

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What's behind delayed transfers of care?

Briefing 08/02/2017

Nigel Edwards explores what the data tells us about delayed transfers of care and busts some myths about how to prevent them.

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Medical generalism in smaller hospitals

Project 07/02/2017

The revival of general physicians, whose breadth of expertise enables them to manage both acute and chronic health problems, has been proposed as a way of better caring for the increasing numbers of older and more complex patients requiring emergency medical admission.

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Winter insight

Spotlight 07/02/2017

In a new short series, the Nuffield Trust is looking closely at some of the big issues behind pressure on the NHS in winter months.

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The New Cavendish Group

Learning network

The New Cavendish Group brings together chief executives of small and medium sized NHS hospital trusts who are working on new solutions to the major challenges facing the sector and their local health economies. The group is run by and for hospital leaders, with the Nuffield Trust providing operatio...

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Readmission rates: what can we learn from the Netherlands?

Blog post 11/01/2017Femke van der Brug

As part of a research internship at the Nuffield Trust, Femke van der Brug compared hospital readmission rates in English hospitals to those in her native Netherlands, and made some striking findings.

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Black alert? Or many shades of OPEL

Blog post 06/01/2017Nigel Edwards

In this analysis from winter 2016/17, Nigel Edwards explains OPELs - a new system designed to help the NHS better understand winter pressures. OPEL figures revealed a third of hospitals in December 2016 issued serious alerts about their ability to meet patient pressures.

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Winter hospital bed pressures

Report 16/12/2016John Appleby

Kicking off a new data series on winter pressures, John Appleby presents the findings of a new analysis of bed occupancy levels from NHS England situation reports for last winter. The analysis suggests that the NHS could be on track for a very difficult winter this year.

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