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What happens to patient experience when you want to see a doctor and you get to speak to a nurse?

Journal article 03/02/2018

An observational study using data from the English General Practice Patient Survey.

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There’s an app for that, but it must pass the NHS test

Blog post 06/11/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen

With the announcement of a new 24-hour service that offers NHS patients in London a GP consultation via a videolink on their smartphone, Rebecca Rosen asks some important questions.

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Root causes: Quality and inequality in dental health

Report 02/11/2017John Appleby | Leonora Merry | Robert Reed

This latest report from QualityWatch looks at publicly available data on dental health quality. While overall outcomes have improved over several decades, there remain significant regional and socioeconomic differences, with people from the North of England, or from more deprived backgrounds, genera...

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Nuffield Trust response to rural GP payment announcement

Press release 12/10/2017

The Nuffield Trust's Senior Policy Fellow Rebecca Rosen responds to the Health Secretary’s announcement of extra payments for GP recruits in rural areas.

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Charlotte Paddison responds to the CQC State of General Practice report

Press release 20/09/2017

The vast majority of GP practices are providing good or outstanding care but pockets of poor quality care remain, with 1 in 10 practices needing to improve.

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Supporting Leaders in Primary Care

Conference/seminar 06/09/2017 • 13.00–14.00Jonathan Serjeant

This webinar, as part of the RCGP-Nuffield Trust GP at Scale programme, will cover leadership and resilience of large scale general practice organisations

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Quality at scale

Conference/seminar 30/08/2017 • 13.00–14.00

This webinar, as part of the RCGP-Nuffield Trust GP at Scale programme, will explore quality in the context of large scale general practice organisations.

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GPs working in accountable care organisations

Conference/seminar 12/07/2017 • 13.00–14.00Ed Waller

The first webinar of the RCGP-Nuffield Trust GP at Scale programme will cover the ways in which GPs can participate with new care models and the implications for practices.

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Private appointments are no solution to the GP crisis

Blog post 14/02/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen

Dr Rebecca Rosen responds to news that a GP practice in Dorset is selling private appointments.

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Arvind Madan: The Hurley Group story

Presentation 23/01/2017

In this slideshow, Dr Arvind Madan, Partner and CEO of the Hurley Group, discusses growth to make a difference in general practice in London. Dr Madan presented at the event  Transforming …

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