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Using data to identify good-quality care for older people

Report 01/11/2016Chris Sherlaw-Johnson | Dr Alisha Davies | Claire Currie | Dr Tazeem Bhatia | Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Dr Martin Bardsley

This report describes the results of a pilot analysis of the effectiveness of using routine health care data to determine areas that have made quality improvements in the care of frail and older people over time.

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‘Like a right arm to me’: the value of volunteers in supporting older people

Blog post 17/10/2016Ruth Thorlby

Ruth Thorlby outlines findings of our recent report evaluating a seven 'social action' projects.

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Harnessing social action to support older people

Report 14/10/2016Theo Georghiou | Cono Ariti | Dr Miranda Davies | Sandeepa Arora | Dr Tazeem Bhatia | Dr Martin Bardsley | Ruth Thorlby

In this research report we present the findings of our evaluation of seven social action projects supported by the Reducing Winter Pressures Fund.

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Large-scale general practice – can we rise to the challenge?

Conference/seminar 23/06/2016 • 09.00–17.00Dr Rebecca Rosen | Helen Parker | Sharon Lamb | Stephanie Kumpunen

A primary care conference in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners, NHS Alliance and the National Association of Primary Care.

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Person-centred care and patient activation

Presentation 22/06/2016

Richard Owen, NHS England, and Dr Natalie Armstrong of the University of Leicester present on evaluating Person Centred Care through Patient Activation Measure (PAM).

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Monitoring change in health care through statistical process control methods

Report 29/01/2016Chris Sherlaw-Johnson | Dr Martin Bardsley

The family of approaches known as statistical process control (SPC) have been widely used for monitoring outcomes in industry and have gained acceptance in many health care settings. However, they are less commonly applied to look at population-level changes across organisations – the changes we n...

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Can more be done with limited care homes data?

Blog post 15/01/2016Chris Sherlaw-Johnson

Chris Sherlaw-Johnson examines how data from care homes can be used more effectively to create better outcomes for patients across the country.

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Doing justice to patient involvement in research

Blog post 19/10/2015Dr Miranda Davies

Dr Miranda Davies examines the benefits of involving patients and other stakeholders in the design and delivery of research.

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Survey of Early adopter steering committee members

Presentation 02/10/2015

The Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC) programme is a large-scale integrated care scheme operating in North West London, bringing together commissioners and providers from the health, social care, …

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Putting integrated care into practice: the North West London experience

Summary 02/10/2015Holly Holder | Matt Gaskins | Professor Gerald Wistow | Professor Judith Smith

This report outlines the findings from a Nuffield Trust and LSE evaluation of the WSIC programme.

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