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What has been the impact of Covid-19 across the UK countries?

Blog post 15/10/2021Sarah Scobie

While every health service across the United Kingdom has faced unprecedented pressures over the past year and a half, UK-wide reporting has masked any differences in peaks and troughs across the four countries. In this explainer, Sarah Scobie takes a closer look at the pandemic across the UK so far...

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Overseas nurse recruitment and the NHS

Report 04/10/2021Billy Palmer | Claudia Leone | John Appleby

The recruitment of nurses from overseas is vital for securing the staff we need in order to meet ambitious national goals to expand the workforce - but what are the benefits and costs? This major new research commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement explores the business case for overseas rec...

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Untapped? Understanding the mental health clinical support workforce

Report 20/08/2021Billy Palmer | Lucina Rolewicz | Nina Hemmings | John Appleby

NHS clinical support staff are particularly important to mental health services and while they usually deliver the bulk of hands-on care, they are often undervalued. This report examines the profile of mental health clinical support staff and discusses how issues around recruitment and retention can...

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Tapping into the potential: putting mental health clinical support staff in the spotlight

Blog post 20/08/2021Lucina Rolewicz

Despite it being estimated that up to 10 million people in England will need new or additional mental health support because of the pandemic, relatively little is known about mental health clinical support staff. Alongside our new report, Lucina Rolewicz takes a closer look at who they are, what lif...

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The NHS needs to ensure better working conditions and opportunities for the neglected clinical support workforce

Press release 20/08/2021

Access to high quality mental health services could be put at risk if the experiences of clinical support staff working in these services continue to be overlooked.

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After the dust settles: some overlooked and underappreciated aspects of the NHS pay settlement

Blog post 11/08/2021Billy Palmer

The recent NHS pay settlement in England alluded to the importance of recognising the extraordinary efforts of health service staff during the Covid-19 crisis. But how well does the settlement actually reflect the pandemic? Billy Palmer takes a closer look at what was agreed, what it might mean for...

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The mental health workforce: challenges facing the NHS

Blog post 10/08/2021Lucina Rolewicz

Demand for mental health services is increasing in England, particularly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the NHS mental health workforce is struggling to meet the demand for care. Lucina Rolewicz looks at workforce numbers and considers how the NHS can make mental health careers more accessible an...

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The right track: Participation and progression in psychology career paths

Report 08/07/2021Billy Palmer | Laura Schlepper | Nina Hemmings | Nadia Crellin

Despite psychology being a popular subject to study at degree level, staffing mental health services remains hugely challenging. With ambitions to grow the numbers of psychologists and psychotherapists by 2023/24, this report looks at the size and make up of the workforce of those with a background...

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Chart of the week: The contribution of overseas nationals to the supply of NHS staff

Data story 24/06/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. Following recent discussions on the NHS’s reliance on workers from overseas, Billy Palmer and Lucina Rolewicz look at the numbers of non-UK nationals within the health service.

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Chart of the week: Diversity in recruitment to the NHS

Data story 12/05/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. With it recognised that the NHS workforce could be more inclusive and diverse, Billy Palmer looks at two years’ worth of job applications in the health service and assesses the variation in the...

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