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In safe hands? The need to know more about safety in health care

Blog post 07/12/2018Sarah Scobie

Ensuring care is safe and harm-free remains high on the policy agenda, and rightly so. But are we measuring and monitoring safety appropriately, and what steps could be taken to improve it in the long run? Sarah Scobie argues for a shift in our understanding.

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Deconstructing the deal: what the Brexit agreement with the EU means for the NHS

Blog post 04/12/2018Mark Dayan

As Brexit continues to dominate the news, Mark Dayan gives his expert view on what the UK's withdrawal agreement with the European Union could mean for the health service.

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Friday FAQs: David Oliver

Blog post 30/11/2018Professor David Oliver

We've been speaking to Professor David Oliver, Clinical Vice President of the Royal College of Physicians.

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Friday FAQs: Gemma Peters

Blog post 15/11/2018Gemma Peters

As we launch our new series today, we spoke to Gemma Peters, the Chief Executive of the blood cancer charity Bloodwise.

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How much would NHS costs rise if there’s no Brexit deal?

Blog post 13/11/2018Mark Dayan

With it still possible the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without a deal, Mark Dayan looks at the impact that would have on NHS costs.

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Are the government’s targets for reducing stillbirths and neonatal deaths achievable?

Blog post 06/11/2018Jessica Morris | Dougal Hargreaves

With progress in the UK on stillbirths and neonatal and infant mortality slowing down in recent years, can we really expect the swift upturn in fortunes that are needed to meet the government’s ambitions on it? Jessica Morris and Dougal Hargreaves take a closer look.

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Understanding prisoners’ experience of health care to improve our research

Blog post 01/11/2018Dr Miranda Davies

With a new report today showing why the health and wellbeing of the prison population is everyone’s business, Miranda Davies looks at the issue of how prisoners feel about their health care.

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NHS funding boost: the need to manage expectations

Blog post 26/10/2018Sally Gainsbury

Long read: Ahead of Monday’s Budget, Sally Gainsbury takes an in-depth view at this summer’s announcement that the NHS in England is to get an extra £20.5 billion a year by 2023/24. Just how far will it take the health service?

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What’s really going on with nursing outside hospital?

Blog post 19/10/2018Mark Dayan | William Palmer

Mark Dayan and William Palmer argue that we should treat figures appearing to show a plummeting community nursing workforce with caution. While a real problem exists, the statistics only count a subset of the workforce, and we can’t fully see what is happening with some other staff.

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What does the Chequers plan mean for the NHS?

Blog post 17/10/2018Mark Dayan

Originally published in Prospect magazine on 5 October, this blog from Mark Dayan takes a closer look at the Prime Minister’s preferred Brexit plan and what its implications might be for the health service.

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