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Friday FAQs: Mike Dixon

Blog post 15/03/2019Mike Dixon

For this week's Friday FAQs we spoke to Mike Dixon, the Chief Executive of Addaction, one of the UK’s leading drug, alcohol and mental health charities.

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What is rapid research and why is it relevant for health care?

Blog post 13/03/2019Dr Cecilia Vindrola-Padros

Changing climates and priorities in health care require fast, actionable findings. Dr Cecilia Vindrola-Padros explores what rapid research is, and why these shorter study timeframes are increasingly relevant.

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Human: Solving the global workforce crisis in health care

Blog post 11/03/2019Mark Britnell

Mark Britnell describes the practical achievements he has seen around the world that could enhance our capacity to care by 20% – if we reframe the debate on workforce planning.

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What does the British public think about social care?

Blog post 07/03/2019Nina Hemmings

As The King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust today publish analysis of the latest British Social Attitudes survey, Nina Hemmings takes a closer look at how satisfied people are with social care.

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Friday FAQs: Charlotte Augst

Blog post 01/03/2019Charlotte Augst

For this week's Friday FAQs we spoke to Charlotte Augst, who today starts as the new Chief Executive of National Voices – a charity working to ensure patients are in control of their health and care. She was previously Richmond Group Partnership Director for five years.

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Taking the road less travelled

Blog post 28/02/2019Andy McKeon

With this year's Summit bringing a fresh perspective on the biggest issues facing health and social care, Andy McKeon reveals more about what we can look forward to.

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The Topol Review: An inspiring vision but can it be realised?

Blog post 26/02/2019Candace Imison

Candace Imison admires the ambition of the recent Topol report on preparing the health care workforce to deliver a digital future, but argues we must acknowledge the significant challenges in its way.

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The importance of continuity: four personal viewpoints

Blog post 25/02/2019Dr Jonathon Tomlinson

In a guest piece, Dr Jonathon Tomlinson reflects on four different views he gathered about the importance of continuity of care.

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How to improve continuity in general practice?

Blog post 25/02/2019Dr Rebecca Rosen | Dr Jonathon Tomlinson

Dr Rebecca Rosen and Dr Jonathon Tomlinson discuss the importance of continuity of care in general practice, and what can be done to improve it when it’s needed.

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Hard facts about a soft Brexit and the NHS

Blog post 22/02/2019Mark Dayan

With Brexit still dominating the news agenda and the UK yet to come to a final agreement with the European Union, Mark Dayan looks at what the so-called "Norway model" might mean for the NHS.

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