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Vive la révolution in population health management

Blog post 19/06/2019Andi Orlowski

In a guest blog, Andi Orlowski of Imperial College Health Partners explains why population health management has become so important for health systems all over the world – and why it is different from the previous approaches we have taken in public health or within the NHS.

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Not made to be measured: why evaluating integrated care initiatives is so difficult

Blog post 13/06/2019Eilís Keeble

Knowing which of the growing number of initiatives to join up care in the health service actually work for patients is crucial. Based on her experience with an earlier wave of integration initiatives – the “Pioneers” – Eilís Keeble looks at what needs to be done to make this possible.

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Friday FAQs: Kate Jarman

Blog post 07/06/2019Kate Jarman

For this week's FAQ we spoke to Kate Jarman, Director of Corporate Affairs at Milton Keynes University Hospital. Kate is also the co-founder of FlexNHS, a support and resource network to promote and enable flexible working in the NHS.

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Could the NHS be the price of a US trade deal?

Blog post 06/06/2019Mark Dayan

After President Donald Trump told a press conference in London this week that the NHS could form part of a future trade deal between the UK and the United States, Mark Dayan looks at whether we really have cause for worry.

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Going digital: three crucial areas for NHS policy

Blog post 31/05/2019Rachel Hutchings

Alongside our new report today on achieving a digital NHS, co-author Rachel Hutchings highlights three areas that are vital for that to become reality, and argues for much better communication between national policy-makers and local organisations.

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Yet another case of history repeating

Blog post 29/05/2019Helen Buckingham

With poor care for people with learning disabilities once again in the news, Helen Buckingham laments the NHS’s failure to learn from what’s gone on before, while arguing that the future doesn’t have to see the same mistakes.

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Friday FAQs: John Craig

Blog post 24/05/2019John Craig

For this week's FAQ we spoke to John Craig, the Chief Executive of Care City, which is a test bed in East London focused on using new technologies to support people with long-term conditions.

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Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and why better data is so important

Blog post 14/05/2019Sophie Castle-Clarke

Sophie Castle-Clarke describes what it’s like to live with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the cost to the NHS of a system currently failing rare disease patients, and what can be done to improve matters.

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Friday FAQs: Martin Vernon

Blog post 10/05/2019Prof Martin Vernon

For this week’s Friday FAQs we spoke to Professor Martin Vernon, a consultant geriatrician who is the National Clinical Director for Older People and Person Centred Integrated Care at NHS England and NHS Improvement.

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Is the number of GPs falling across the UK?

Blog post 08/05/2019Billy Palmer

In an analysis carried out exclusively for the BBC, Billy Palmer draws on published data sources to assess the number of GPs compared to the size of the UK population over time.

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