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Nuffield Trust: Pushing power out from the centre key to cutting red tape and supporting NHS people plan

Press release 30/07/2020

Helen Buckingham responds to the vision for the future of healthcare speech from Matt Hancock and the publication of the NHS People Plan.

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Covid-19: Starting position for NHS risks leaving UK trailing the pack in the race to recovery

Press release 24/07/2020

This will mean longer waits for treatment, further rationing of care and the danger that health outcomes in the UK will worsen.

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Money is welcome but won't get the NHS back to full speed – Nuffield Trust response to Prime Minister's announcement

Press release 17/07/2020Nuffield Trust

Nuffield Trust Director of Strategy Helen Buckingham responds to the Prime Minister’s pledge of £3 billion in additional funding for the NHS ahead of winter.

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Government hospital building plan will not succeed if lessons from Covid-19 and recent history are ignored

Press release 16/07/2020

Nigel Edwards warns that the plan could fall flat if we don't learn from the ‘optimism bias’ that has plagued previous programmes.

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Despite gains, Covid-19 will intensify the challenge of keeping nurses and midwives within the NHS

Press release 09/07/2020Nuffield Trust

Mark Dayan responds to the NMC Register.

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Story of two halves as NHS struggles to shake off effects of coronavirus

Press release 09/07/2020Nuffield Trust

Nigel Edwards responds to the latest NHS combined performance figures.

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‘Leaky’ test and trace system has long way to go to reach ‘world-beating’

Press release 09/07/2020

Dr Billy Palmer responds to the latest NHS track and trace data.

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Nuffield Trust: Social care system could fall apart entirely if reform promises aren’t delivered

Press release 18/06/2020Nuffield Trust

Natasha Curry responds to the ADASS Budget Survey 2020.

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Nuffield Trust response to NHS monthly combined performance stats

Press release 11/06/2020

The steps taken to keep the NHS afloat during the pandemic have meant hundreds of thousands not getting the care they need.

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Nuffield Trust response to ONS analysis of non-Covid-19 death registrations

Press release 05/06/2020

We are beginning to see a more full picture of a significant number of excess deaths not attributed to Covid-19.

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