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The professional and support workforce: one needs the other

News and opinion 08/09/2017Candace Imison

When it comes to skill mix, Candace Imison says that different types of NHS staff working together can be a powerful combination.

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The NHS deficit is here to stay

News and opinion 31/08/2017Sally Gainsbury

While new analysis from Sally Gainsbury lays bare the true reality of NHS hospital deficits, she explains why it won't go away.

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Putting the NHS house in order: putting quality before money

News and opinion 29/08/2017Candace Imison

Candace Imison gives her perspective on a recent report from Getting It Right First Time, and argues that the focus on any savings from reducing unwarranted variation must not miss the more important gains – better patient outcomes.

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Primary care home expands the role of clinical pharmacists

News and opinion 25/08/2017Dr Manraj Barhey

Dr Manraj Barhey describes how collaborative working has yielded results for their primary care home in Luton.

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What we learned about the primary care home model

News and opinion 24/08/2017Stephanie Kumpunen

Stephanie Kumpunen shares learning from an early evaluation of the primary care home model.

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Team-based care at the heart of primary care home model

News and opinion 24/08/2017Dr Nav Chana

Dr Nav Chana outlines the progress of the primary care home programme and essential components of the model.

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Managing patient flow and improving efficiencies: The role of technology

News and opinion 18/08/2017Sophie Castle-Clarke

Long read: Having witnessed tracking technology first hand in two American health care organisations, Sophie Castle-Clarke sets out its strengths and how to implement it successfully.

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Do the best health care improvement initiatives generate the worst evidence?

News and opinion 11/08/2017Dr Jenny Neuburger

With randomised controlled trials held up as the best way to find out if a policy is working or not, Jenny Neuburger looks at a recent hip fracture evaluation that was done differently, and explains that one size does not necessarily fit all.

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Will the NHS really need fewer beds in the future?

News and opinion 07/08/2017Nigel Edwards

Long read: After a recent review of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) by London South Bank University, Nigel Edwards uses hospital data to take a closer look at the scale of the task they face in reducing the number of beds, and where they might concentrate their eff...

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Spending on health: how does the UK compare internationally?

News and opinion 04/08/2017John Appleby | Ben Gershlick

For years, international stats seemed to show the UK spending less of its national income on health care than other wealthy countries – but new figures show we may be keeping up with our peers after all. John Appleby has worked with Ben Gershlick of the Health Foundation to look at what this means...

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