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The dangers of tying reconfiguration to seven day standards

Comment 15/02/2017Sílvia Machaqueiro

It is essential that commissioners and STP leads learn the lessons of the London Quality Standards says Silvia Machaqueiro

Private appointments are no solution to the GP crisis

Comment 14/02/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen

Dr Rebecca Rosen responds to news that a GP practice in Dorset is selling private appointments.

Britannia’s rules are vague: health care regulation after Br...

Comment 09/02/2017Mark Dayan

Mark Dayan examines the uncertain future for NHS regulations after Brexit.

Is it time for a dedicated tax to fund the NHS?

Comment 09/02/2017John Appleby

In this headtohead for the BMJ Richard Layard says a dedicated tax is the only way that we can be sure the government is reflecting public wishes but John Appleby argues it would not protect funding from economic uncertainty.

Why Brexit is bad for our health

Comment 01/02/2017Professor Tamara Hervey

Professor Tamara Hervey professor of EU law explains why in her view there is nothing about Brexit that is good for health.

Small acute hospitals: where generalist and specialist care...

Comment 24/01/2017John Machin

John Machin the National Medical Director's Clinical Fellow at NHS England examines some of the challenges for small acute hospitals and what can be done to address them.

EHICcups on the road to Brexit

Comment 17/01/2017Mark Dayan

The UK's membership within the EU includes schemes that provide free or cheaper health care for British tourists or expats living in EU countries. But will we be able to keep our membership of these schemes postBrexit? Mark Dayan explores.

Why extending GP hours won’t solve the A&E crisis

Comment 16/01/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen

Dr Rebecca Rosen examines why extending GP opening hours might actually worsen the winter crisis currently facing AE.

Brexit means... an uncertain future for the NHS?

Comment 12/01/2017Nigel Edwards

As 2017 gets into full swing the attention of politicians is likely to be absorbed by the Brexit negotiations. But with the NHS in turmoil – and many issues thrown into further uncertainty by Brexit – will the health service get overshadowed during its time of greatest need?

Readmission rates: what can we learn from the Netherlands?

Comment 11/01/2017Femke van der Brug

As part of a research internship at the Nuffield Trust Femke van der Brug compared hospital readmission rates in English hospitals to those in her native Netherlands and made some striking findings.