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2018: What to look out for in health and social care

News and opinion 21/12/2017Nuffield Trust

With 2017 drawing to a close and the new year nearly upon us, for festive reading we asked 12 Nuffield Trust experts to each give a brief insight into what might happen in health and social care in 2018. So we’ve been making a list (and checking it twice) of what they told us. See you in the new y...

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2017: Quality in Austerity

News and opinion 19/12/2017John Appleby

New analysis focuses on ten key trends in quality data and identifies turning points in the trajectory of care quality since 2009.

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Preparing for Brexit: the legal view

News and opinion 18/12/2017Sharon Lamb

The Nuffield Trust has invited leaders from across health and social care in the UK to share what they are doing to prepare for Brexit. In the third in the series, Sharon Lamb gives a legal view.

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The mixed fortunes of nursing numbers

News and opinion 15/12/2017Fiona Johnson

There are more hospital nurses in post than in 2010, yet there are shortages of nurses wherever you look. Each nursing specialty has its problems, but they are not all the same, as Fiona Johnson investigates.

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England’s new workforce strategy ignores the elephant in the room

News and opinion 15/12/2017Candace Imison

The workforce strategy consultation lays bare the scale of the current crisis in health care services. Its plans are admirable, but it fails to address the core reasons for the NHS's predicament, argues Candace Imison.

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Struggling to keep up: technological innovations and the NHS

News and opinion 13/12/2017Sophie Castle-Clarke

Alongside the briefing we’ve published today, author Sophie Castle-Clarke looks at three key reasons why the NHS has yet to make the most of new innovations.

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How much has the NHS saved by holding down pay?

News and opinion 12/12/2017Mark Dayan

With it often asked how much have recent restrictions to NHS staff pay contributed to total savings, Mark Dayan explores further and puts a figure on it.

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Frontline truths: nursing rhetoric and reality

News and opinion 05/12/2017Louise Taylor

With nursing staff increases not keeping up with demand, acute medical nurse Louise Taylor describes what it’s like to work at the coalface and why it’s time to stop the tall talk if we want to retain current staff.

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The learning disability care sector: hanging by a thread

News and opinion 28/11/2017Jan Tregelles

In a guest blog, Jan Tregelles, Chief Executive of Mencap, discusses the issue of payments for ‘sleep-in’ care and says that not reaching an equitable solution on it leaves the sector facing an impossible quandary.

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Looking to the long term: the Japanese approach

News and opinion 27/11/2017Natasha Curry

Long read: Earlier this month, Natasha Curry and Sophie Castle-Clarke went to Japan to look at their social care system. Ahead of more work on it, a new long read from Natasha looks at the emphasis they place on prevention and long-term thinking, and why the UK should be wary of doi...

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