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A clear plan for social care?

Blog post 12/09/2019Natasha Curry

With our new report on the long-term care system in Germany following our review last year of how things are done in Japan, author Natasha Curry looks at the factors that prompted change in those countries. Will the social care system in England be able to follow suit?

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Binning the Brexit backstop: the impact on the NHS

Blog post 29/08/2019Mark Dayan

With Brexit still dominating the news headlines, one thing constantly mentioned is the Northern Irish backstop, with the new Prime Minister adamant it must be removed from any Brexit deal. But what would this mean for the NHS, if it were to happen? Mark Dayan gives his expert view.

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Will linked data finally show us what happens after the ambulance arrives?

Blog post 28/08/2019Sarah Scobie

Sarah Scobie takes a closer look at new ambulance response standards, explores the variation in how providers are performing, and argues the case for a single national ambulance dataset.

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Will a digital NHS reap the rewards policy-makers are aiming for?

Blog post 20/08/2019Sarah Scobie

Sarah Scobie looks at the track record of digital developments in the health service and wonders whether we are overestimating the benefits of a digital NHS.

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Shifting responsibilities: who cares?

Blog post 15/08/2019Lucina Rolewicz

Following a recent survey of adult carers in England, Lucina Rolewicz examines what's behind the findings and argues what might help matters in future.

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Homage to Catalonia? Reflections from a recent visit

Blog post 08/08/2019Nigel Edwards

Following a visit to Barcelona to look at the Catalan health model, Nigel Edwards describes the strengths of the system and argues where the NHS could learn from it.

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Paediatrics at a crossroads: what next?

Blog post 01/08/2019Dr Guddi Singh

With many child health outcomes in the UK going in the wrong direction over the past decade, a guest blog from Dr Guddi Singh makes the case for social paediatrics.

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Best-laid plans: will the NHS get it right this time?

Blog post 30/07/2019Helen Buckingham

With 2019 so far seeing a few ‘plans’ for and within the NHS, Helen Buckingham takes a look at how set the health service is for success this time – and what it will take to get there.

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Outpatients: Snapshot of a year

Blog post 25/07/2019John Appleby

With the Long Term Plan pinning high hopes on reducing the number of outpatient appointments over the next decade, John Appleby takes a closer look at a year of outpatient activity. How many appointments were there and how were services used?

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Patients are finding it harder and harder to see their preferred GP – does it matter?

Blog post 23/07/2019Dr Charlotte Paddison

With fewer people able to see their preferred GP according to a recent survey, Charlotte Paddison explores what impact seeing the same doctor can have on a patient’s health – and what it might mean for the NHS.

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