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John Appleby responds to quarterly NHS trust finance figures

News and opinion 01/09/2017

New figures show how hard it will be for NHS hospitals to balance their books, backing up research we published yesterday.

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NHS hospitals deeper in the red than reported, new analysis shows

News and opinion 31/08/2017

A new briefing by the Nuffield Trust reveals the true underlying state of the NHS’s finances today, and outlines prospects for the next three to four years.

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Opportunities and barriers ahead for new primary care model, research reveals

News and opinion 24/08/2017

The Nuffield Trust evaluates the Primary Care Home model developed by the National Association of Primary Care, a way of organising care for groups of between 30,000 and 50,000 patients.

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John Appleby responds to NHS performance figures for June and July

News and opinion 10/08/2017

A troublingly high rate of patients being held up leaving hospital is showing little sign of coming back under control, putting the NHS on the back foot as it approaches winter.

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Our response to NHS England’s proposed changes to ambulance response targets

News and opinion 13/07/2017

The measures announced today are a common sense and evidence-based way to improve the way that patients are prioritised, however this shake-up is being proposed as the NHS is experiencing an unprecedented financial squeeze.

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Scotland's NHS has lessons for the rest of the UK

News and opinion 05/07/2017

The unique strengths of Scotland's NHS, in particular the way it improves quality and safety, could be undermined by serious financial pressure over the next few years.

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Nuffield Trust response to NHS Improvement proposal on staff retention

News and opinion 29/06/2017

The Nuffield Trust's Director of Policy responds to proposals from the regulator NHS Improvement on improving staff retention in the NHS.

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NHS could face bill of over half a billion pounds from Brexit

News and opinion 31/05/2017

New briefing shows the NHS could face large costs if retired British people living in other EU countries decide to return to UK in the event of their healthcare being withdrawn after Brexit.

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No party has pledged enough funding for the NHS

News and opinion 22/05/2017

The NHS in England cannot close its funding gap, cope with increased demand and sustain high quality care with any of the funding pledges made by the three major political parties.

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Response to Theresa May's announcement of a cap on social care costs

News and opinion 22/05/2017

Nigel Edwards comments on the Conservative's announcement that a Conservative government would include a cap on care costs in a social care green paper.

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