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Chart of the week: The over-representation of Black people as restricted patients in secure hospitals

Data story 27/05/2022

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. People with severe mental health problems who are in contact with the criminal justice system can be held as restricted patients in hospitals if they have been assessed as needing treatment. Mira...

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Support at the end of life: The role of hospice services across the UK

Report 23/05/2022Eilís Keeble | Sarah Scobie | Rachel Hutchings

Covid-19 created huge disruption to end of life care services, with many thousands more people dying at home than previously. Hospices play a vital role supporting people and their families at the end of life, but little is known about how these services are being delivered and the issues they are g...

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End of life care explained: what is it, how is it provided, and what are the challenges?

Explainer 23/05/2022

When the time comes, everyone will need care at the end of life. Alongside our new report today on the role of hospice services across the UK, this explainer from Sarah Scobie and Rachel Hutchings takes a closer look at end of life care.

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Nuffield Trust: UK hospices adapt to huge pandemic shake-up to end of life care

Press release 23/05/2022

With an increasing number of people dying at home, there is a need to ensure services are properly supported.

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Chart of the week: Where are NHS nurses recruited from?

Data story 19/05/2022

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. The target to have 50,000 more NHS nurses by 2024 is ambitious, but there have been encouraging signs of progress on it. Where are these nurses coming from? Billy Palmer takes a closer look.

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General practice on the brink: what should reform look like?

Blog post 17/05/2022Dr Rebecca Rosen

Increased demand, staff burnout and deteriorating patient experience are threatening the stability of general practice, but what would reform look like? In the second of our mini series of blogs this week, Rebecca Rosen describes the seven components that need to be built into any policy reform.

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General practice on the brink: what’s needed to implement change?

Blog post 17/05/2022Dr Rebecca Rosen

For general practice to reverse the decline in public satisfaction, retain its staff and avoid criticisms from various quarters, reform and a broader swathe of changes need to be implemented at pace. In the third and final of our blogs looking at general practice this week, Rebecca Rosen argues that...

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General practice: case studies of GP organisations working at scale to deliver access and continuity

Blog post 17/05/2022Case study

As part of our "General practice on the brink" series, we describe what needs to be built into general practice reform. The case studies below illustrate different types of GP organisation, owned and managed in different ways, which demonstrate options for improving access while also maintaining con...

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General practice on the brink: how did it get there?

Blog post 16/05/2022Dr Charlotte Paddison

General practice is on the brink, and policy-makers, clinicians and patients seem to know it. But how did it come to this? At the start of a mini series of blogs on general practice, Charlotte Paddison reflects on how its problems came about and what lessons can be learnt from them.

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NHS Performance Summary: March-April 2022

Latest data 12/05/2022Sophie Flinders | Jessica Morris

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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