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Nuffield Trust response to NHSI figures

News and opinion 21/02/2018

Finances look grim, but shortage of workers even bigger problem.

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The end state and the NHS

News and opinion 20/02/2018Mark Dayan

Will it be like Norway, or are we looking at Canada? What about the Jersey model, or should we look further afield towards Ukraine? Mark Dayan explores the range of different options as the UK negotiates its future relationship with the European Union – and what it all means for the NHS.

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Why does the NHS pay women less?

News and opinion 16/02/2018Mark Dayan | Fiona Johnson

Mark Dayan and Fiona Johnson look at the gender pay gap in the NHS, what might account for it, and its implications for the health service.

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The unwritten contract: the moral and ethical obligations of doctors

News and opinion 15/02/2018Louella Vaughan

Louella Vaughan looks back at the Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba case, and explores its possible repercussions for what underpins the medical profession's role in the health service.

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Integrated care: what does it mean for commissioning?

News and opinion 14/02/2018Nigel Edwards

Long read: Nigel Edwards looks at the risks and opportunities for commissioning as we move towards integrated care.

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Commissioning: the times are a changing

News and opinion 14/02/2018Helen Buckingham

Before we look at how commissioning functions might evolve as integrated care systems develop, Helen Buckingham looks at the reality behind the debate, the lessons of the past, and whether the terminology we use actually matters.

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Is it just the UK finding winter pressures hard?

News and opinion 12/02/2018John Appleby

While this winter has been particularly tough for the NHS, we’re not the only nation affected by it, as John Appleby reveals.

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With strings attached: taking a closer look at the new NHS money

News and opinion 09/02/2018Sally Gainsbury

After it was announced in November there will be £1.6 billion extra resource spending for the NHS next year, Sally Gainsbury explores where that money will go.

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Nuffield Trust: new figures show just how bad a winter the NHS is having

News and opinion 08/02/2018

The number of patients waiting on trolleys has reached its highest rate since records began.

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Finding the right balance: how to get the best out of general practice

News and opinion 06/02/2018Dr Rebecca Rosen

With her new report this week exploring the tensions between faster, transactional GP services and the traditional GP role, Rebecca Rosen writes more about the issues we need to overcome and how we might be able to get the best of both worlds.

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