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Comparison of control charts for monitoring clinical performance using binary data

Research 25/09/2017

Time series charts are increasingly used by clinical teams to monitor their performance, but statistical control charts are not widely used, partly due to uncertainty about which chart to use. Although there is a large literature on methods, there are few systematic comparisons of charts for detecti...

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The Impact of a National Clinician-led Audit Initiative on Care and Mortality after Hip Fracture in England: An External Evaluation using Time Trends in Non-audit Data

Research 01/08/2016

Hip fracture is the most common serious injury of older people. The UK National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) was launched in 2007 as a national collaborative, clinician-led audit initiative to improve the quality of hip fracture care, but has not yet been externally evaluated.

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Effect of telehealth on hospital utilisation and mortality in routine clinical practice: a matched control cohort study in an early adopter site

Research 03/02/2016

Research assessing the effects of a home-based telehealth intervention on the use of secondary healthcare and mortality.

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Is the incidence of hip fracture increasing among older men in England?

Research 21/01/2016

The prevention of hip fracture has been a long-term goal for healthcare in England. Over the past decade, there have been numerous initiatives aimed at reducing the risk of fracture among frail older people.

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Continuous monitoring of emergency admissions of older care home residents to hospital

Research 01/01/2016

This research paper describes a method for using routine hospital data on admissions of older people as means for monitoring quality of care within a care home, and explores how this might be applied and used.

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Commissioning's identity crisis

Research 18/11/2015

Nigel Edwards argues that, if current trends in commissioning continue, holding on to the N in NHS may become much more difficult.

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Thinking the unthinkable about the NHS

Research 27/10/2015

Some may use the NHS funding crisis to bring in policies previously off limits, says Nigel Edwards in his column for the BMJ.

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Seven day working: why the health secretary’s proposal is not as simple as it sounds

Research 05/09/2015

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s recent declaration that he wants to see most hospital doctors on “seven day contracts” to enable weekend working provoked the ire of many NHS staff, who have been using the Twitter hashtag #iminworkjeremy to show they already work at weekends. Helen Crump explore...

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Health Policy Priorities for a New Parliament: Essay collection

Research 07/07/2015

This article is part of a collection of essays published jointly by the All-Party Parliamentary Group and The King's Fund.

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An Approach to Assess Generalizability in Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Case Study of the Whole Systems Demonstrator Cluster Randomized Trial Comparing Telehealth with Usual Care for Patients with Chronic Health Conditions

Research 18/05/2015

Policy makers require estimates of comparative effectiveness that apply to the population of interest, but there has been little research on quantitative approaches to assess and extend the generalisability of randomized controlled trial (RCT)–based evaluations. The authors illustrate an approach...

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