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Focus on: Emergency hospital care for children and young peo...

Report 24/04/2017Eilís Keeble | Dr Lucia Kossarova

As the NHS emerges from its toughest winter yet, attention has been focused on the impact of older people on the health system. But younger people (up to the age of 24) are also frequent users of emergency care and, like older people, require specialist care.

Shifting the balance of care: Great expectations

Report 01/03/2017Candace Imison | Natasha Curry | Holly Holder | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Dr Danielle Nimmons | John Appleby | Ruth Thorlby | Silvia Lombardo

This research draws on an extensive literature review to assess the realism of the narrative that moving care out of hospital will save money. It explores five key areas: elective care, urgent and emergency care, admission avoidance and easier discharge, at risk populations, and self-care.

The London Quality Standards: A case study in changing clini...

Report 15/02/2017Louella Vaughan | Sílvia Machaqueiro | Matt Gaskins | Candace Imison

This report evaluates the introduction of standards to improve acute and emergency care in London hospitals.

Quality at a cost

Report 08/12/2016Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Dr Lucia Kossarova | Eilís Keeble | Holly Dorning | Nora Cooke O'Dowd

Quality at a cost is the fourth annual statement from QualityWatch, a joint research programme from the Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation.

Managing doctors, doctors managing

Report 01/12/2016Dr Alison Powell | Professor Huw Davies

This research uses a detailed survey of doctors and managers to understand their views on the current state of the doctor–manager relationship in the UK.

The digital patient: transforming primary care?

Report 16/11/2016Sophie Castle-Clarke | Candace Imison

The digital patient: transforming primary care? reviews the evidence that exists on digital technology and its impact on patients in primary care and the NHS.

Using data to identify good-quality care for older people

Report 01/11/2016Chris Sherlaw-Johnson | Dr Alisha Davies | Claire Currie | Dr Tazeem Bhatia | Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Dr Martin Bardsley

This report describes the results of a pilot analysis of the effectiveness of using routine health care data to determine areas that have made quality improvements in the care of frail and older people over time.

Harnessing social action to support older people

Report 14/10/2016Theo Georghiou | Cono Ariti | Dr Miranda Davies | Sandeepa Arora | Dr Tazeem Bhatia | Dr Martin Bardsley | Ruth Thorlby

In this research report we present the findings of our evaluation of seven social action projects supported by the Reducing Winter Pressures Fund.

Knowing you’re not alone: Understanding peer support for s...

Report 29/09/2016Holly Dorning | Dr Miranda Davies | Cono Ariti | Dr Kerry Allen | Theo Georghiou

Social care for older people: home truths

Report 15/09/2016Richard Humphries | Ruth Thorlby | Holly Holder | Patrick Hall | Anna Charles

This report looks at the current state of social care services for older people in England, through a combination of national data and interviews.