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Growing problems, in depth: The impact of Covid-19 on health care for children and young people in England

Briefing 18/02/2022

This year’s QualityWatch scrolling data story explores the dramatic and concerning effect of the pandemic on children and young people's health and the care they receive. This accompanying briefing explains the findings in more detail...

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The value of investing in social care

Briefing 21/10/2021

What are the benefits of further funding for reform to adult social care in England? Nuffield Trust joins forces with the Health Foundation and The King's Fund to set out the potential benefits of finally tackling the challenges facing the sector.

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Second Reading of the Health and Care Bill

Briefing 14/07/2021

The 2021-22 Health and Care Bill is the biggest legislative overhaul of the NHS presented to the House of Commons for a decade. This briefing presents the key points and issues on which we believe MPs should provide scrutiny.

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The remote care revolution in the NHS: understanding impacts and attitudes

Briefing 16/12/2020

This year’s QualityWatch animated scrolling data story explores the increased use of remote care in the NHS after the outbreak of Covid-19. This article explains the findings in more detail and discusses some of the implications...

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Lessons from the last hospital building programme, and recommendations for the next

Briefing 16/07/2020

As lockdown restrictions are eased, attention is turning to economic recovery and the government’s manifesto commitment to build 40 new hospitals. A new discussion paper by Nigel Edwards assesses what might be learned from the last time a British government committed to a major hospital building s...

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Here to stay? How the NHS will have to learn to live with coronavirus

Briefing 02/06/2020

As the number of Covid-19 hospital admissions gradually declines, policy attention is turning to how the NHS can restart some more routine activities. But doing this while living alongside Covid-19 will involve major practical challenges that will need to be overcome. This new discussion paper by Ni...

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Nuffield Trust strategy 2020–2025

Briefing 28/02/2020

This short brochure summarises the Nuffield Trust's strategy over the next five years.

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Quality and inequality: digging deeper

Briefing 23/01/2020

Our QualityWatch scrolling data story explores whether inequalities in the quality of care between the most and least deprived groups have changed over the last decade. Here we put the study into context and explain the findings.

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Queen’s Speech debate: health and social care

Briefing 16/01/2020

Ahead of today's debate in the House of Commons on health and social care, we sent this briefing to all members of parliament.

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Evaluating integrated care: why are evaluations not producing the results we expect?

Briefing 18/11/2019

With a number of different integrated care models not reducing hospital admissions as expected, this briefing outlines the reasons why this might be happening. It includes advice for model design and implementation, for commissioners of evaluation, and for evaluators on how to address these issues.

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