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What's behind delayed transfers of care?

Briefing 08/02/2017

Nigel Edwards explores what the data tells us about delayed transfers of care and busts some myths about how to prevent them.

The Autumn Statement: Joint statement on health and social c...

Briefing 08/11/2016

At the end of 2015 our three organisations came together to provide an independent assessment of what the Spending Review would mean for the NHS and social care.

House of Lords committee on the long-term sustainability of...

Briefing 01/11/2016

This note sets out the Nuffield Trust’s views on key questions concerning the House of Lord's Committee’s investigation of the sustainability of the NHS over the next fifteen years. It updates oral evidence given to the Committee on 6 September 2016 by Prof John Appleby Director of Research and Chi...

Understanding patient flow in hospitals

Briefing 11/10/2016

This briefing draws on theories about congestion to look at why the aim that 95% of patients attending AE should be admitted discharged or transferred within four hours has become more difficult to meet and what can be done about it.

Is the NHS financially sustainable?

Briefing 22/09/2016

John Appleby examines recent data from the Office for Budget Responsibility which provides valuable insight into how health spending will evolve in the future.

Sustainability and Transformation Plans: what we know so far

Briefing 01/09/2016

This discussion paper reflects the work in progress from one third of STP areas as captured in July and August 2016.

The facts: EU immigration and pressure on the NHS

Briefing 15/06/2016

Mark Dayan collaborated with FullFact to examine the impact of EU immigration on the NHS.

Fact Check: migration and NHS staff

Briefing 23/05/2016

Ahead of the EU Referendum Mark Dayan examines the data on immigration and hypothesises on the potential impact of Brexit on the NHS workforce.

Health care and the Welsh elections

Briefing 22/04/2016

The Welsh NHS is at the centre of the campaign for next month’s Assembly elections. But which of the country’s political parties is right about how it is doing? Who has the answers? And what don’t they dare to ask?

Health care and the Scottish election

Briefing 24/03/2016

The NHS will be a key issue for voters in the Scottish election given it is the biggest public service under the remit of the Scottish Government. In new analysis Mark Dayan outlines some of the key facts and figures about the service's performance in Scotland.