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Random reflections on the Cochrane half centenary

Blog post 18/03/2022Fiona Johnson

This weekend marks 50 years since Archie Cochrane delivered his seminal lecture, “Effectiveness and Efficiency: Random Reflections on Health Services”. His book of the same title was published to widespread acclaim, and the monograph is considered a significant moment in the development of evide...

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Building from the ground up: a Q&A with Nigel Edwards

Blog post 28/02/2022Nigel Edwards

Ahead of this week’s Nuffield Trust Summit Series, we caught up with Nigel Edwards for his views on the main challenges facing the NHS, two years after the emergence of Covid-19. He also discusses what could help the situation now, what he thinks about current policy-making, and also reveals what...

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Giving children a better start in life

Blog post 14/12/2021Dr Ingrid Wolfe

Progress in reducing health inequalities for children under five in the UK has stalled in recent years and these inequalities have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a guest blog, Dr Ingrid Wolfe, Director of the Institute for Women’s and Children’s Health at King’s College London,...

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The NHS’s duty of care with its overseas staff

Blog post 10/12/2021Claudia Leone

Staff from abroad have long been invaluable to the NHS, not least in nursing where they make up nearly a fifth of the current workforce. Drawing on our conversations with communities of overseas nurses, this blog from Claudia Leone emphasises the importance of supporting and retaining staff from ove...

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Through a glass darkly: the unseen crisis in home care

Blog post 01/12/2021Camille Oung

While pressures on the NHS continue to dominate headlines, a quiet crisis has been unfolding in the home care sector. Camille Oung describes how the system is likely to reach breaking point this winter, unless urgent action is taken.

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What can we learn about digital health care from other countries?

Blog post 24/11/2021Rachel Hutchings

The Covid-19 pandemic has precipitated a huge increase in the use of digital technology in health care. This is a welcome development following years of slow progress in embedding digital technologies into England’s NHS. Rachel Hutchings explores the approaches to digital health care from five Eur...

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How to minimise the negative consequences of compulsory vaccines for NHS staff?

Blog post 12/11/2021Billy Palmer

It was announced this week that front-line NHS staff in England must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 from April next year. Given that the policy now exists, what can be done to mitigate the downsides? Billy Palmer describes the lessons to learn from other countries and sectors, and states five...

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Health spending during Covid-19: how does the UK compare?

Blog post 02/11/2021Sarah Reed | Laura Schlepper | John Appleby

Sarah Reed, Laura Schlepper and John Appleby analyse how health spending has changed across different countries in response to the pandemic, and assess why the UK may have spent more comparatively.

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Taking stock: is the government meeting its commitments to increase NHS staff numbers?

Blog post 29/10/2021Lucina Rolewicz

The government’s 2019 manifesto included ambitious targets to increase the numbers of nurses and GPs in the NHS. Lucina Rolewicz takes a look at performance against these targets since the 2019 election and outlines some of the broader challenges in staffing health services.

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Three things the NHS will be watching out for on Wednesday

Blog post 26/10/2021Mark Dayan | Sally Gainsbury

With the recent Health and Care Levy announcement raising as many questions as it answered, Mark Dayan and Sally Gainsbury look ahead to tomorrow’s Spending Review and highlight three vital areas for the NHS and social care.

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