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A social care cap must sit alongside reform to the entire system

Blog post 09/09/2020Natasha Curry

Often mentioned as one possible solution to social care’s problems is a cap on how much an individual would have to pay towards their care over a lifetime. But would it help fix the sector’s woes? Natasha Curry gives the expert view. This blog was originally published in Prospect on 7 September.

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Technology must be used in the best way for staff and patients

Blog post 07/09/2020Rachel Hutchings

While the acceleration in digital technology over the past few months has been applauded, Rachel Hutchings argues that just because things can be done digitally or remotely, it doesn’t mean that they always should. This blog was originally published in the HSJ on 27 August.

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How long must we wait?

Blog post 04/09/2020Prof. Deirdre Heenan | Mark Dayan

Rebuilding any health system after Covid-19 will be difficult, but it could be an even tougher task in Northern Ireland. Deirdre Heenan and Mark Dayan assess the impact of the pandemic on an already beleaguered health system, and argue that support and goodwill for the NHS over the past months must...

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Children and young people’s emergency care during Covid-19: what have we learned?

Blog post 02/09/2020Dr Elizabeth Fisher

A&E attendances by children and young people have gone down since Covid-19 started, but what does that tell us? Liz Fisher takes a closer look at the numbers, and describes the importance of knowing more about what parents and young people chose to do rather than access emergency care.

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Safety in maternity services: factors to consider

Blog post 25/08/2020Louella Vaughan

An inquiry into the safety of maternity services was recently announced by the Health and Social Care Committee. Which factors should be under consideration, and what we do know already? Louella Vaughan reflects on insights from a workshop on the subject.

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Values must lead us through the Covid crisis

Blog post 24/08/2020Charlotte Augst

It’s been a remarkable year so far, with Covid-19 changing our lives in ways we previously would have found unimaginable. In a guest blog, Charlotte Augst argues the case for leaders with a clear sense of moral certainty, and the values that should be informing the response to the crisis.

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A new era for A&E targets: what will be the impact of the new basket of measures?

Blog post 21/08/2020Jessica Morris | Chris Sherlaw-Johnson

Long read: It was announced at the end of June that the four-hour A&E target will be replaced by a new basket of measures. But what might be the benefits and disadvantages of those new measures? Jessica Morris and Chris Sherlaw-Johnson run through the proposed A&E standards to see w...

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The people's plans?

Blog post 12/08/2020Helen Buckingham

New NHS England guidance has been coming thick and fast in recent weeks. But during a crucial time for the service as it gets back on its feet after the shock of the pandemic, can the long list of expectations on services and managers really be reasonably met? A new blog from Helen Buckingham argues...

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How did the NHS free up hospital capacity at the start of the pandemic?

Blog post 06/08/2020Lauren Elias | Sarah Scobie

With the impact of efforts to free up hospital beds at the start of the coronavirus outbreak already under discussion, Lauren Elias and Sarah Scobie take a closer look at hospital data from March this year and compare it to the situation 12 months earlier. They discuss what happened to discharges in...

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Social care reform: what is the vision?

Blog post 31/07/2020Natasha Curry | Nina Hemmings

Social care has been in the news this week, but what is the vision for it? With the sector having seemingly never been so prominent in public and political discussions, Natasha Curry and Nina Hemmings once more ask the key questions.

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