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Recovering from Covid-19: the international picture

Blog post 24/07/2020Sarah Reed

Alongside her new briefing today, author Sarah Reed answers important questions on how other countries’ health systems might recover from Covid-19 – and how the UK compares.

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Covid-19: lessons for hospital building programmes

Blog post 16/07/2020Nigel Edwards

Pre-pandemic commitments such as the government’s pledge to build 40 new hospitals will soon be under the spotlight once more. Alongside his new discussion paper today, Nigel Edwards looks at the lessons we can learn from the last round of hospital building from a decade ago – and how the lesson...

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How has lockdown affected general practice and where do we go from here?

Blog post 08/07/2020Jonathan Spencer | Camille Oung

The last few months have seen huge changes in general practice. Analysing new data, Jonathan Spencer and Camille Oung assess what has changed during lockdown, and what it might mean for the future.

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The NHS workforce: is it on track?

Blog post 30/06/2020Lucina Rolewicz

Covid-19 hasn’t just emphasised the perennial importance of NHS staff, it’s also exposed many of the workforce pressures the service was facing before the coronavirus crisis started. As we today launch our new staffing tracker, Lucina Rolewicz discusses the challenges of monitoring how the NHS i...

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Covid-19: how is it impacting on prisoners’ health?

Blog post 22/06/2020Dr Miranda Davies

Following early concerns that prisons could see a rapid spread of Covid-19, the prison estate’s own version of lockdown has led to most prisoners being in their cells for 23 hours a day. With the numbers affected by the virus in prison not as high as initially feared, Miranda Davies take a closer...

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Where are the patients? The factors affecting the use of emergency care during Covid-19

Blog post 16/06/2020Louella Vaughan

Long read: The number of people attending emergency departments during the coronavirus outbreak has been the subject of much debate. Louella Vaughan looks at the different factors that might have been impacting on the use of emergency care over the past three months, and whether som...

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Covid-19: the NHS not returning to normal any time soon

Blog post 04/06/2020Nigel Edwards

Despite progress being made in the fight against the coronavirus, Nigel Edwards describes what stands in the way of the NHS returning to business as usual any time soon. This blog was originally published in the Times Red Box on 2 June.

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What has been the impact of Covid-19 on urgent and emergency care across England? A Q&A

Blog post 29/05/2020Jessica Morris

Emergency care has been in the spotlight more than ever in recent months as Covid-19 spreads. With experts cautiously observing that the peak of infections has passed, Jessica Morris looks at the effect the novel coronavirus has had on urgent and emergency care in different parts of England – and...

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Has the NHS been sidelined in Brexit negotiations?

Blog post 27/05/2020Mark Dayan

After the government last week published its draft approach to negotiations with the EU for a post-Brexit trade deal, Mark Dayan takes a look at the UK’s position and how important health may be to current discussions.

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Friday FAQs: Farzana Hussain

Blog post 22/05/2020Dr Farzana Hussain

For this edition of Friday FAQs, we spoke to Dr Farzana Hussain. She is a partner at The Project Surgery in Plaistow, east London and the current GP of the Year.

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