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Chart of the week: The work-related stress of NHS staff during Covid-19

Data story 19/04/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, Lucina Rolewicz looks at the most recent NHS staff survey – carried out last September when coronavirus cases were fewer – to compare the experiences of staff who had worked on a w...

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Nuffield Trust: Reform of social care doomed to fail unless the structural issues of fragile provider market are addressed

Press release 16/04/2021

A report from the Nuffield Trust warns that years of delay to social care reform and a fragmented market has left provider services unstable and without support for innovation.

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Fractured and forgotten? The social care provider market in England

Report 16/04/2021Natasha Curry | Camille Oung

Covid-19 has highlighted many issues in the social care system in the last year, but providers of these vital services are still often ignored. This report highlights the systemic problems with the way the provider market for social care operates in England.

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Ongoing woes: the difficulties of the social care provider market

Blog post 16/04/2021Camille Oung

The problems in social care were very clear before Covid-19, but the pandemic has compounded the sector’s troubles. Alongside our new research today, the report’s co-author Camille Oung discusses how the market for care is not easy to navigate for either policy-makers or the public, and stresses...

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NHS performance summary: February-March 2021

Latest data 15/04/2021Jenny Davies

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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Nuffield Trust: Record waiting list and major backlog of postponed care will set the NHS back years

Press release 15/04/2021Nuffield Trust

Sarah Scobie responds to the latest NHS monthly performance statistics.

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Joint letter on the health and social care workforce

News and opinion 14/04/2021

The Nuffield Trust, Health Foundation and King’s Fund have come together to suggest a clause to be added to the NHS Bill putting in place independent projections of how many health and social care staff will be in place in the future, and how many will be needed.

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The ethnicity pay gap in the English NHS

Report 13/04/2021John Appleby | Laura Schlepper | Eilís Keeble

The NHS is the largest employer of ethnic minority staff in England with over 225,000 employees. Issues around equality are important, but how is this reflected in staff pay? This research report examines the differences in basic pay between ethnic minority staff and White staff employed by the NHS...

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Chart of the week: Real-terms NHS staff pay from 2010 to 2020

Data story 07/04/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. Following recent government proposals to offer a 1% pay rise to most NHS staff following a year unlike almost any other for health professionals, Mark Dayan looks at real-terms pay for different...

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Nuffield Trust: The pandemic has only added to the effects of years of delay to meaningful social care reform

Press release 25/03/2021

Natasha Curry responds to the NAO report on the adult social care market in England.

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