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Other types of support: how do the countries compare?

Blog post 18/03/2020Camille Oung | Laura Schlepper | Natasha Curry

This explainer looks at what other types of support – such as welfare benefits and access to continuing health care – people with care needs might be eligible for.

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What steps are currently being taken to reform social care?

Blog post 18/03/2020Camille Oung | Laura Schlepper | Natasha Curry

This explainer analyses the main social care reform activities in each UK country.

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Social care across the four countries of the UK: what can we learn?

Blog post 18/03/2020Camille Oung

As we start a series of explainers describing the social care system in each country of the UK, lead author Camille Oung looks at what social care policy-makers in England can learn from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Reform must come with funding and clarity – and it must secure public sup...

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Defining and refining success: innovation in the NHS

Blog post 12/03/2020Rachel Hutchings

In our new report last week on the spread of new innovations in the NHS, we identified four key themes that innovators, potential adopters and policy-makers should keep in mind to achieve scale and spread across the health service. Here co-author Rachel Hutchings focuses on the first of those – de...

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A&E stats suggest public listening to coronavirus advice

Press release 12/03/2020

The Nuffield Trust responds to the latest NHS performance figures.

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Combined Performance Summary: January - February 2020

Latest data 12/03/2020Jenny Davies

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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Coronavirus money welcome, but services start in a deep hole – Nuffield Trust response to budget

Press release 11/03/2020Nuffield Trust

Professor John Appleby responds to the Budget delivered today.

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Covid-19: The response in Singapore

Blog post 09/03/2020Ruth Lewis | Jason CH Yap

As Covid-19 spreads across the globe, we got in touch with our former research associate Ruth Lewis to pull together reflections from the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health in Singapore, who are working in collaboration with the government to support evidence-based policy-making. Associate Profes...

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Lessons from 40 years of health policy: keynote address by Nigel Edwards

Speech 05/03/2020Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards spoke at last week’s Nuffield Trust Summit, reflecting on lessons from 40 years of health policy. This is the transcript of his speech at that event.

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Achieving scale and spread: Learning for innovators and policy-makers

Report 05/03/2020Nina Hemmings | Rachel Hutchings | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Billy Palmer

In recent years, a significant number of innovators have forged ways to scale and spread innovation in the NHS. However, despite some existing work in this area, less is known about how to achieve greater scale and spread beyond early adopters. The Nuffield Trust was commissioned by the NHS Innovati...

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