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Troubling situation in A&E services is bellwether for pressure across the NHS and care system

Press release 14/10/2021Nuffield Trust

Sarah Scobie responds to the latest NHS performance stats from NHS England and NHS Improvement.

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A toxic combination of pressures: Nuffield Trust response to Skills for Care report

Press release 13/10/2021Nuffield Trust

Nina Hemmings responds to the Skills for Care report on the social care workforce in England.

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Chart of the week: In which areas of England and Wales are more people dying at home?

Data story 08/10/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. With death rates and trends changing dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura Schlepper takes a look at which regions of England and Wales have seen the biggest changes in the rate of dea...

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Overseas nurse recruitment and the NHS

Report 04/10/2021Billy Palmer | Claudia Leone | John Appleby

The recruitment of nurses from overseas is vital for securing the staff we need in order to meet ambitious national goals to expand the workforce - but what are the benefits and costs? This major new research commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement explores the business case for overseas rec...

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Developing the digital skills of the social care workforce

Report 30/09/2021Camille Oung | Lucina Rolewicz | Nadia Crellin | Stephanie Kumpunen

Adult social care roles suffer from poor retention rates, but could digital technologies hold the answer to enabling skill development and improved job satisfaction in the sector? This summary explores how domiciliary care agencies have trained staff to use digital technology in order to monitor the...

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6 practical lessons for implementing technology in domiciliary care

Report 30/09/2021Lucina Rolewicz | Camille Oung | Nadia Crellin | Stephanie Kumpunen

The social care sector could benefit from the use of digital innovations to enhance the delivery of care, but there are considerable barriers which block widespread adoption. This report sets out six key lessons for policy makers and commissioners for successful implementation of digital technologie...

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What happened to those Brexit medicines shortages?

Blog post 29/09/2021Mark Dayan

Long read: Before the UK left the EU’s single market at the start of this year, many warned of the risk of medical supply shortages. But did that prove to be the case? Mark Dayan takes a closer look at what’s happened since January 1st, and looks ahead to what might happen in fu...

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NHS Health Check programme

Indicator 23/09/2021

We explore how uptake of the NHS Health Check programme has changed over time.

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Primary care

Indicator update 23/09/2021Jessica Morris

In our latest update we look at trends in the quality of primary care.

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Confidence and trust in clinicians

Indicator 23/09/2021

We look at how confidence and trust in clinicians has changed over time.

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