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Ambulance response times

Indicator 26/04/2019

We look at response times to ambulance calls and how many are hitting nationally set targets.

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Hospital bed occupancy

Indicator 26/04/2019

We analyse how NHS hospital bed occupancy has changed over time.

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Comprehensive geriatric assessment for frail older people in acute hospitals: the HoW-CGA mixed-methods study

Journal article 25/04/2019

Comprehensive geriatric assessment improves outcomes for frail older people at risk in acute hospitals, but toolkits aimed at enhancing its delivery by non-specialists require prolonged geriatrician support.

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There’s no longer a catch: a new way to measure how children and young people are treated

Blog post 24/04/2019Dr Ronny Cheung

With it historically difficult to measure how health care for children and young people varies across the country, Ronny Cheung takes a look at what’s hampered progress in the past and how we might now have a breakthrough.

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What principles should underpin the funding system for social care?

Blog post 11/04/2019Camille Oung | Laura Schlepper

While there may not be one perfect way to fund social care, Camille Oung and Laura Schlepper describe four principles that should be central to any approach.

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How to fund social care?

Briefing 11/04/2019

15 options for funding social care.

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Combined Performance Summary: February – March 2019

Latest data 11/04/2019Jessica Morris

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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Friday FAQs: Aneet Kapoor

Blog post 11/04/2019Aneet Kapoor

For this week’s Friday FAQ we spoke to Aneet Kapoor, a community pharmacist who is also the chair of the Greater Manchester Local Pharmaceutical Committee.

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Having your fudge and eating it

Blog post 05/04/2019Sally Gainsbury

Long read: Sally Gainsbury takes a closer look at NHS sustainability funds and control totals, and what they might actually mean for the providers who have played their part over the past three years.

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What should a good social care system look like?

Blog post 04/04/2019Natasha Curry

As the wait for the green paper goes on, we’ll next week publish a blog looking at the principles that best underpin an effective funding system for social care. Before then, Natasha Curry takes a step back and looks at what a good social care system might actually look like.

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