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How did the NHS free up hospital capacity at the start of the pandemic?

Blog post 06/08/2020Lauren Elias | Sarah Scobie

With the impact of efforts to free up hospital beds at the start of the coronavirus outbreak already under discussion, Lauren Elias and Sarah Scobie take a closer look at hospital data from March this year and compare it to the situation 12 months earlier. They discuss what happened to discharges in...

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Chart of the week: Millions more people with higher health risks due to obesity

Data story 05/08/2020

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. With studies showing the increased risk of Covid-19 for those who are obese, this week John Appleby looks at the numbers of adults in England who are at high risk of obesity-related ill health �...

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A cross-sectional study to examine risk factors associated with childhood obesity (short title)

Journal article 03/08/2020

Full title: 'A cross-sectional study using the Childhood Measurement Programme for Wales to examine population-level risk factors associated with childhood obesity'

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Social care reform: what is the vision?

Blog post 31/07/2020Natasha Curry | Nina Hemmings

Social care has been in the news this week, but what is the vision for it? With the sector having seemingly never been so prominent in public and political discussions, Natasha Curry and Nina Hemmings once more ask the key questions.

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Chart of the week: NHS staff pay and the cost of living

Data story 30/07/2020

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, Mark Dayan looks at whether the pay of NHS staff over the past 10 years has kept up with inflation and with wages in the private sector.

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Nuffield Trust: Pushing power out from the centre key to cutting red tape and supporting NHS people plan

Press release 30/07/2020

Helen Buckingham responds to the vision for the future of healthcare speech from Matt Hancock and the publication of the NHS People Plan.

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Recovering from Covid-19: the international picture

Blog post 24/07/2020Sarah Reed

Alongside her new briefing today, author Sarah Reed answers important questions on how other countries’ health systems might recover from Covid-19 – and how the UK compares.

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Covid-19: Starting position for NHS risks leaving UK trailing the pack in the race to recovery

Press release 24/07/2020

This will mean longer waits for treatment, further rationing of care and the danger that health outcomes in the UK will worsen.

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Resuming health services during the Covid-19 pandemic: What can the NHS learn from other countries?

Report 24/07/2020Sarah Reed

As the country deals with the easing of lockdown restrictions and a slow decline in Covid-19 cases, health services are attempting to return to some form of pre-pandemic normality – yet demand for services remains anything but predictable. Our new briefing looks at what approaches other countries...

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Hospital bed occupancy

Indicator 22/07/2020

We analyse how NHS hospital bed occupancy has changed over time.

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