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Forget Brexit at your peril: how it will affect the NHS in 2021

Blog post 23/03/2021Mark Dayan | Martha McCarey

Long read: Much has happened since the UK left the single market and customs union at the start of the year, not least another dreadful wave of Covid-19 and the headlines being dominated by the vaccine rollout on either side of the Channel. But with Brexit already having an effect...

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Rapidly prioritising innovations in adult social care for evaluation: a Q&A with Dr Holly Walton

Blog post 15/03/2021Dr Holly Walton

Dr Holly Walton is co-author of new research published last week on rapidly prioritising innovations in adult social care for evaluation. In this Q&A we ask her more about the work, including the benefits and drawbacks of doing the research at such speed, and the possible lessons for researchers wan...

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Where does the 2021 Budget leave the NHS and social care?

Blog post 15/03/2021Nigel Edwards

For health and social care, the recent Budget was more notable for what it did not say than what it did. With a plan for the long-term recovery of services seemingly absent, Nigel Edwards looks at what it all means. This blog was originally published in the BMJ on 10 March.

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Social care reform: running out of time and money?

Blog post 12/03/2021Nina Hemmings | Camille Oung

Social care was conspicuous by its absence in last week’s Budget, despite the troubled sector being just weeks away from having vital financial support removed. With the issue of reform also evaded once more, Nina Hemmings and Camille Oung assess where things stand.

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Session two: Guided by the evidence – informing future health policy

Video 11/03/2021

Session from the Summit series, 10 March 2021. Kenneth Cukier (Chair) — Senior Editor, The Economist Prof Ashish Jha — Dean of the School of Public Health, Professor of Health …

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NHS performance summary: January-February 2021

Latest data 11/03/2021Jenny Davies

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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Troubling responses from nurses: Nuffield Trust response to NHS Staff Survey

Press release 11/03/2021Nuffield Trust

Helen Buckingham responds to the 2020 Staff Survey for the NHS in England.

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