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Ethnicity coding in English health service datasets

Report 07/06/2021Sarah Scobie | Jonathan Spencer | Veena Raleigh

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted ethnic disparities in health care and outcomes in England, but data on the ethnicities of patients remains poor. This report looks at the quality and consistency of ethnicity coding within health datasets and calls on NHS England to provide new guidance for heal...

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Tackling Covid-19: A case for better financial support to self-isolate

Report 14/05/2021Sarah Reed | Billy Palmer | Mike Brewer | Maja Gustafsson

Asking people with Covid-19 to self-isolate is vital to keep the pandemic under control as lockdown measures ease, yet only 52% of people who have symptoms isolate. This briefing by the Nuffield Trust and the Resolution Foundation argues that financial support through schemes similar to furlough sho...

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10 practical lessons for implementing digital innovations - learning from the Care City test bed

Report 06/05/2021Chris Sherlaw-Johnson | Nadia Crellin | Rachel Hutchings | Camille Oung | Lucina Rolewicz | Stephanie Kumpunen | Sarah Scobie

Digital health innovations are often seen as 'ready made' solutions to challenges facing health and care systems but despite their potential, implementing these technologies can be complex. This summary highlights ten lessons for those working to integrate technology into health and social care serv...

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Fractured and forgotten? The social care provider market in England

Report 16/04/2021Natasha Curry | Camille Oung

Covid-19 has highlighted many issues in the social care system in the last year, but providers of these vital services are still often ignored. This report highlights the systemic problems with the way the provider market for social care operates in England.

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The ethnicity pay gap in the English NHS

Report 13/04/2021John Appleby | Laura Schlepper | Eilís Keeble

The NHS is the largest employer of ethnic minority staff in England with over 225,000 employees. Issues around equality are important, but how is this reflected in staff pay? This research report examines the differences in basic pay between ethnic minority staff and White staff employed by the NHS...

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Can variation help to explain the rise in emergency admissions for children aged under five up to 2018/19?

Report 22/01/2021Eilís Keeble | Dr Elizabeth Fisher

Children under the age of five accounted for 10% of emergency attendances and 9% of emergency admissions in 2018/19, despite representing less than 6% of the population – what might some of the factors behind this be? This research summary by Eilís Keeble and Dr Elizabeth Fisher considers some of...

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Understanding the impact of Brexit on health in the UK

Report 22/12/2020Mark Dayan | Nick Fahy | Professor Tamara Hervey | Martha McCarey | Holly Jarman | Prof Scott L Greer

With the prospect of a deal still very much hanging in the balance, the UK's transition period for leaving the European Union ends in a matter of days on 31 December 2020. This major new report maps out the health areas that will be affected by this decisive exit from the Union and discusses the dil...

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Rural, remote and at risk: Why rural health services face a steep climb to recovery from Covid-19

Report 11/12/2020Billy Palmer | Lucina Rolewicz

Even before the pandemic, rural and remote health services faced long-standing workforce, financial and capacity issues. So how are those same services faring in the face of the biggest health crisis in generations? This analysis assesses the outlook for these vital providers of care.

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How will Brexit affect the UK’s response to coronavirus?

Report 14/10/2020Mark Dayan

As the European Council meets to review the state of negotiations on the future EU-UK partnership, a new Nuffield Trust briefing assesses how leaving the single market might affect UK health and social care services just as they are grappling with a second wave of Covid-19 and the biggest health cri...

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Review of attitudes towards non-medical careers in the NHS: Implications for mental health careers

Report 09/10/2020Billy Palmer | Claudia Leone | Rachel Hutchings

What are the prevailing attitudes towards non-doctors working in health services, and specifically mental health services? This literature review, commissioned by the National Workforce Skills Development Unit, aims to understand the drivers behind views of non-medical mental health professionals an...

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