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Fact Check: migration and NHS staff

Briefing 23/05/2016

Ahead of the EU Referendum, Mark Dayan examines the data on immigration and hypothesises on the potential impact of Brexit on the NHS workforce.

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Health care and the Welsh elections

Briefing 22/04/2016

The Welsh NHS is at the centre of the campaign for next month’s Assembly elections. But which of the country’s political parties is right about how it is doing? Who has the answers? And what don’t they dare to ask?

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Health care and the Scottish election

Briefing 24/03/2016

The NHS will be a key issue for voters in the Scottish election given it is the biggest public service under the remit of the Scottish Government. In new analysis, Mark Dayan outlines some of the key facts and figures about the service's performance in Scotland.

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Impact of the 2015 Spending Review on health and social care

Briefing 23/02/2016

Our joint evidence submission with the Health Foundation and The King's Fund to the Health Select Committee inquiry into the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review on health and social care. 

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Supplementary Submission to the Health Committee inquiry on the impact of the Spending Review

Briefing 10/02/2016

This is a supplementary submission to the Health Committee’s Spending Review inquiry that draws on the Nuffield Trust’s own research, and lays out our analysis on the issues of NHS trust financing, system efficiency and the quality of care.

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The Spending Review: what does it mean for health and social care?

Briefing 17/12/2015

The Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund, and the Health Foundation come together to issue a definitive verdict.

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Lessons from last year's A&E winter crisis

Briefing 10/12/2015

As winter fast approaches, Sasha Karakusevic and Mark Dayan take a closer look at where the £700 million was spent sorting out last year's winter pressures in the A&E. Although much of that money was put into additional hospital beds and staff, they argue for a more strategic approach this year, gi...

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Cities & Local Government Devolution Bill: Report Stage

Briefing 04/12/2015

The Devolution Bill lays the framework for devolving powers to local areas.

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Spending Review 2015: what it means for health and social care

Briefing 03/12/2015

This briefing pulls together our analysis of the settlement.

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Parliamentary briefing: Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill, 2nd Reading

Briefing 13/10/2015

The Devolution Bill lays the framework for devolving powers to local areas.

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