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Health Committee Inquiry Submission: primary care

Briefing 22/09/2015

The Nuffield Trust’s submission following terms of reference outlined by the House of Commons Health Committee.

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2015 Comprehensive Spending Review: Representation to HM Treasury

Briefing 08/09/2015

This briefing examines the pressures on NHS funding up to 2020, the scope for savings and efficiencies, and the difficult choices on funding facing policymakers.

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Health and social care priorities for the Government: 2015–2020

Briefing 02/06/2015

This briefing outlines 10 key health and social care priorities for the new Government.

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Health in the 2015 General Election: An analysis of party manifestos

Briefing 17/04/2015

This briefing provides analysis of and commentary on the manifesto pledges of the parties that have made up the opposition or government in the most recent parliament.

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Facts, figures and views on health and social care: A resource for reporters of the 2015 general election

Briefing 14/04/2015

To help journalists, commentators and others interested in the pre-election debate on health, we have compiled some facts and figures from our recent work.

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Health spending across the UK nations: Who decides how much?

Briefing 10/04/2015

What is the truth about where decisions in funding are taken, and what difference could the election make? Mark Dayan looks at the facts.

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Access to hospital care: is the NHS on target?

Briefing 13/03/2015

Our fourth policy briefing in the run-up to the General Election 2015 examines how hospital trusts in England are performing against six national targets.

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What's behind the A&E 'crisis'?

Briefing 06/03/2015

Our third policy briefing in the run up to the General Election 2015 examines the real reasons behind England’s A&E ‘crisis’.

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Rationing in the NHS

Briefing 19/02/2015

Our second policy briefing in the run up to the General Election 2015 provides an overview of the current difficulties in making decisions about rationing healthcare in England.

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Parliamentary briefing: building sustainable GP services

Briefing 05/02/2015

This short briefing examines funding and workforce difficulties in general practice.

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