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Competition and market mechanisms in health care

Conference/seminar 13/09/2013 • 10.00–16.00Elaine Kelly | Professor Andrew Street | Professor Carol Propper | Professor Hugh Gravelle | Walter Beckert

This small academic seminar, held with the Institute for Fiscal Studies explored the economics of health care in England.

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Elaine Kelly: Growth in NHS-funded elective care

Presentation 13/09/2013

In this slideshow, Elaine Kelly, Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies, explores independent sector provision and the growth in NHS-funded elective care. Elaine spoke at the event:  …

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Public payment and private provision: the changing landscape of health care in the 2000s

Report 22/05/2013Sandeepa Arora | Anita Charlesworth | Elaine Kelly | George Stoye

This report examines the changing relationship between the public and private sector in the provision of NHS funded care in the past decade.

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Elaine Kelly: Public and private care delivery and funding

Presentation 20/05/2013

In this slideshow, Elaine Kelly, Research Economist, The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), outlines the key findings of a recent report from the Nuffield Trust and the IFS looking at the changing …

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Choosing the place of care: the effect of patient choice on treatment location in England, 2003-2011

Report 19/11/2012Elaine Kelly | Gemma Tetlow

This report examines the effect of patient choice and the independent sector on treatment location in England.

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