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The Commonwealth Fund and Nuffield Trust 11th International Meeting on Quality of Health Care

Conference/seminar 16/07/2010 – 18/07/2010 • 09.00–17.00Andrew Dreyfus | David A Share | Dr David Blumenthal | Dr Lawrence Casalino | Gillian Braunold | Professor Alan Garber | Professor Chris Ham CBE | Professor Peter C Smith | Ruth McDonald | Sir Liam Donaldson

This event saw lively discussion of the challenges and opportunities presented by the new health care reform legislation in the United States, the NHS reforms laid out by the UK governments’ White Paper and an analysis of the levers to deliver change in both countries: financial incentives and pay...

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Liam Donaldson: Engaging clinicians in designing care

Audio 16/07/2010

The proposed reforms to the NHS, as outlined in the recent White Paper, place a big emphasis on the successful engagement of clinicians, particularly doctors, with designing high quality, high value …

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The nation's doctor: the role of the Chief Medical Officer 1855 - 1998

Book 25/10/2005Sally Sheard | Sir Liam Donaldson

The first major study of the Chief Medical Officer's role within the British government.

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Margaret E. Mahoney Symposium 1999 - Quality of health care: Current issues & future directions, a trans-atlantic perspective

Report 01/09/2000Professor Sheila Leatherman CBE | Frank Dobson | Donna Shalala | Robert Brook | Sir Liam Donaldson

An open exchange between US and UK participants and collaborative analysis.

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