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Engaging with care - a vision for the health and care workforce of England

Report 27/09/2007Sandra Dawson | Zoe Slote Morris | Will Erickson | Graham Lister | Beth Altringer | Pam Garside | Marian Craig

This report examines the current needs for health and social care in England and discusses what will be required to meet these needs in the future.

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Policy futures for UK health

Book 28/11/2005Linda Rosenstrom Chang | Pam Garside | Sandra Dawson | Zoe Slote Morris

This report asks what the UK's health needs will be in 2015 and what we can do now to ensure meeting those needs.

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Policy futures for UK health: 2000 report

Report 01/02/2000Pam Garside | Charlotte Dargie | Sandra Dawson

This report describes trends and issues towards 2015 for both population health and health care in the UK.

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Quality in health care

Journal article 01/12/1998

In this publication, health care professionals reflect upon quality in health care.

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