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Summit 2020 snapshot: Prof Ashish Jha on introducing ACOs in US health care and what this means for the UK system

Video 28/02/2020

Prof Ashish Jha, Faculty Director and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Global Health Institute, discusses the introduction of accountable care organisations into the US health system, the effects this …

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Summit 2020 session: Prof Ashish Jha – The future of US health reform

Video 28/02/2020

Prof Ashish Jha, Faculty Director and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Global Health Institute, discusses recent US health reform, what effects it has had, the politics of US health, and what we might …

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Integrated care: what does it mean for commissioning?

Blog post 14/02/2018Nigel Edwards

Long read: Nigel Edwards looks at the risks and opportunities for commissioning as we move towards integrated care.

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2018: What to look out for in health and social care

Blog post 21/12/2017Nuffield Trust

With 2017 drawing to a close and the new year nearly upon us, for festive reading we asked 12 Nuffield Trust experts to each give a brief insight into what might happen in health and social care in 2018. So we’ve been making a list (and checking it twice) of what they told us. See you in the new y...

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Staying accountable: NHS leadership in hard times

Blog post 15/11/2017Helen Buckingham

Alongside our new report today on accountability, Helen Buckingham looks at whether promises made nationally to improve leadership behaviour are being kept, and emphasises the stark consequences of getting it wrong.

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Accountable Care Organisations: The winners and losers

Blog post 07/09/2016Prof Ashish Jha

Dr Ashish Jha of Harvard Global Health offers a quick take on new evidence about wheteher Accountable Care Organisations in the United States can lower costs and improve quality.

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US healthcare reform: Lessons for the UK

Blog post 16/03/2015Prof Ashish Jha

Approaching the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Dr Ashish Jha reflects on what the ACA has accomplished, which challenges remain and how we might move forward.

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Timothy Ferris: Accountable care organisations in practice

Video 06/03/2014

In this video  Dr Rebecca Rosen , Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust, interviews Dr Timothy G Ferris of Partners Healthcare and Massachusetts General Physicians Organisation. He explains how accountable …

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Rachael Addicott: What are ACOs accountable for?

Presentation 07/03/2013

In this slideshow,  Rachael Addicott , Harkness Fellow 2011/12, explains the origins of accountable care organisations (ACOs), outlining their development and asks for what are they held accountable. …

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James Morrow: An Accountable Care Organisation in Cambridge

Video 14/09/2011

In this interview, Dr James Morrow, a GP at  Sawston Medical Practice , speaks to Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow  Dr Rebecca Rosen  about his vision for the creation of an Accountable Care Organisation …

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