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Protocol politics mean hard times ahead for health in Northern Ireland

Blog post 06/07/2022Mark Dayan | Professor Tamara Hervey | Mark Flear | Holly Jarman | Martha McCarey | Nick Fahy | Prof Scott L Greer

We recently held a roundtable with leaders and health experts in Northern Ireland about how they are seeing the UK’s departure from the EU play out for health. We heard of several serious issues that could lead to a further deterioration in relationships among stakeholders and government officials...

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What impact have five years of Brexit had on health and care in the UK?

Video 29/03/2022

Ever since the campaigns before a referendum was even held, there has been huge debate and concern over what effect Brexit would have on the NHS and care system. So, what has the reality been? Five …

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Has Brexit created opportunities for health and care in the UK?

Video 29/03/2022

Brexit has created some barriers for the goods and people contributing to health in the UK. But what about the opportunities? Is there a flipside of freedoms to create rules and regulations to …

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Brexit and the NHS

Spotlight 03/03/2022

Big changes lie ahead for the UK following its vote to leave the EU. No part of society will remain unchanged, including the health and social care sector.

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Going it alone: health and Brexit in the UK

Report 20/12/2021Mark Dayan | Martha McCarey | Professor Tamara Hervey | Nick Fahy | Prof Scott L Greer | Holly Jarman | Ellen Stewart | Dan Bristow

After nearly a year out of the Single Market and Customs Union, Brexit is still fuelling uncertainty in many aspects of health and social care. This report looks at six key areas that are being impacted, what has already happened and what NHS, government and business figures expect for the future.

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Nuffield Trust: Slow decisions and vague trade slogans leave NHS uncertain of post-Brexit future

Press release 20/12/2021

Our report published today looks at six key areas of health and social care that are being impacted by Brexit.

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What happened to those Brexit medicines shortages?

Blog post 29/09/2021Mark Dayan

Long read: Before the UK left the EU’s single market at the start of this year, many warned of the risk of medical supply shortages. But did that prove to be the case? Mark Dayan takes a closer look at what’s happened since January 1st, and looks ahead to what might happen in fu...

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Will the NHS be on the table for a Pacific trade deal?

Blog post 28/06/2021Mark Dayan | Martha McCarey

Long read: Only six months since it left the EU single market, talks have begun for the UK to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. Mark Dayan and Martha McCarey look at the key ways in which joining the CPTPP could affect health in this cou...

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The Brexit referendum five years on: what has it meant for the NHS?

Blog post 23/06/2021Mark Dayan

Five years on from the Brexit vote, Mark Dayan looks back at the main claims that were made about the NHS before the referendum took place. Which have been proven right and which have proven to be unfounded?

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Forget Brexit at your peril: how it will affect the NHS in 2021

Blog post 23/03/2021Mark Dayan | Martha McCarey

Long read: Much has happened since the UK left the single market and customs union at the start of the year, not least another dreadful wave of Covid-19 and the headlines being dominated by the vaccine rollout on either side of the Channel. But with Brexit already having an effect...

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