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Poor areas left behind on standards of GP care, research reveals

Press release 24/12/2018

New analysis reveals ‘concerning’ discrepancies between the standard of GP care people receive in poor areas compared to their counterparts in richer areas.

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A two-way street: What can CCGs teach us about accountability in STPs?

Report 15/11/2017Holly Holder | Helen Buckingham

A report exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) for accountability in the NHS.

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Top-down NHS management culture could undermine local reform initiatives, experts warn

Press release 15/11/2017

Confusing accountability structures and a return to a ‘command-and-control’ style of managing the NHS risks undermining local initiatives to better join up health care services.

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What progress are large-scale GP practice organisations making across England?

Blog post 10/10/2017Stephanie Kumpunen

With the results of the RCGP and Nuffield Trust at-scale survey published, Stephanie Kumpunen looks at the current picture in general practice and asks what clinical commissioning groups and policy-makers can do to help.

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Clinical commissioning: GPs in charge?

Report 06/07/2016Ruth Robertson | Holly Holder | Shilpa Ross | Chris Naylor | Sílvia Machaqueiro

What progress have clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) made in implementing their clinically led model and what more needs to be done?

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Conflicting opinions among CCG leaders and GP members over who ‘owns’ new commissioning groups, report suggests

Press release 22/07/2013

New research has suggested that many GPs do not currently have a strong sense of ownership of their local CCGs.

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Judith Smith: The future of commissioning

Presentation 08/03/2013

In this slideshow,  Dr Judith Smith , Director of Policy, Nuffield Trust, examines commissioning in the reformed NHS including existing knowledge in the sector about their role, and what this means …

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New NHS commissioners will have to get tough if they are to prove their worth

Press release 01/03/2013

A major investigation into the practice of commissioning health care for long-term conditions has questioned the extent to which the NHS internal market operates as policy makers intended.

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