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The Brexit referendum five years on: what has it meant for the NHS?

Blog post 23/06/2021Mark Dayan

Five years on from the Brexit vote, Mark Dayan looks back at the main claims that were made about the NHS before the referendum took place. Which have been proven right and which have proven to be unfounded?

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Britannia’s rules are vague: health care regulation after Brexit

Blog post 09/02/2017Mark Dayan

Mark Dayan examines the uncertain future for NHS regulations after Brexit.

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The facts: EU immigration and pressure on the NHS

Briefing 15/06/2016

Mark Dayan collaborated with FullFact to examine the impact of EU immigration on the NHS.

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Fact Check: migration and NHS staff

Briefing 23/05/2016

Ahead of the EU Referendum, Mark Dayan examines the data on immigration and hypothesises on the potential impact of Brexit on the NHS workforce.

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