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Under pressure: hospital organisation in Europe

Blog post 29/01/2014Nigel Edwards

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Mark Britnell: Lessons from Europe on hospital organisation

Video 20/01/2014

In this video, Dr Mark Britnell, Chairman and Partner, Global Health Practice, KPMG, reflects on his experience of the organisation of acute hospital services around Europe. Dr Britnell spoke at …

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Primary care in Europe: can we make it fit for the future?

Presentation 12/12/2013

In this slideshow, we explore how and why primary care organisation and delivery needs to change and the factors driving this. We draw on case studies from various European primary care experts …

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Reforming payment for health care in Europe to achieve better value

Report 23/08/2012Anita Charlesworth | Dr Alisha Davies | Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE

This report compares different payment systems for health care used across Europe and examines their role in improving the efficiency and quality of care.

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Jennifer Dixon: Reforming payment for health care in Europe

Video 24/01/2012

In this talk, Nuffield Trust Chief Executive  Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE  discusses the key issue affecting payment reform in health systems across Europe – the need to achieve better value against a …

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Josep Figueras: Current trends in pay for performance

Video 24/01/2012

In this video interview, Dr Josep Figueras, Director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and Head of WHO European Centre on Health Policy, provides an overview of pay for …

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Reinhard Busse: The development of DRG payments in Europe

Video 24/01/2012

In this talk, Professor Dr Reinhard Busse, Professor of Health Care Management, Berlin University of Technology, Germany & EuroDRG Project, reflects on the impact of the introduction of diagnosis…

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Devolved UK in danger of losing power in Europe

Press release 20/11/2008

A report from health policy think tank the Nuffield Trust examines how devolution in the UK could erode the nation’s current influential position in shaping European Union health policy.

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Organizing for Quality: the improvement journeys of leading hospitals in Europe and the United States

Report 07/01/2008Paul Bate | Peter Mendel | Glenn Robert

This report contains in-depth case-studies from seven leading hospitals to give an international, evidence-based outlook.

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