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‘No deal’ Brexit would harm NHS and its patients, Nuffield Trust warns

Press release 07/11/2017

New briefing explores five key areas where the deals the UK government reaches with the EU - or lack of them - will impact upon health and social care.

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Becoming European: How France, Germany, Spain and UK Engage with European Union Health Policy

Report 20/11/2008

How do European Union member states influence EU health policy?

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Devolved UK in danger of losing power in Europe

Press release 20/11/2008

A report from health policy think tank the Nuffield Trust examines how devolution in the UK could erode the nation’s current influential position in shaping European Union health policy.

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Devolving policy, diverging values?

Report 25/01/2008David Rowland

This report focuses on the values of the NHS in each of the four nations, and those health care systems within Europe.

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Responding to Europe: Government, NHS and stakeholder responses to the EU health challenge

Report 16/05/2006

The EU is probably the most significant challenge to health policy and management in the UK. This report explains why.

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The New EU health policy and the NHS systems

Report 01/02/2005

This paper explains the ways in which the EU is involved in health policy at national level.

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