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Rural health care: A rapid review of the impact of rurality on the costs of delivering health care

Report 20/01/2019Billy Palmer | John Appleby | Jonathan Spencer

It is generally acknowledged that small, rural NHS health care providers face higher costs than larger, urban areas. For a number of years the NHS has adjusted financial allocations to account for these unavoidable variations in costs in different parts of the country. However, our review for the Na...

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Health and social care in Northern Ireland: critical care?

Blog post 17/10/2017Prof. Deirdre Heenan | John Appleby

Deirdre Heenan and John Appleby look back at reviews of the health and care system in Northern Ireland, the need for reform and what it means for patients, and where we are now.

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Scotland's NHS has lessons for the rest of the UK

Press release 05/07/2017

The unique strengths of Scotland's NHS, in particular the way it improves quality and safety, could be undermined by serious financial pressure over the next few years.

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Learning from Scotland’s NHS

Report 05/07/2017Mark Dayan | Nigel Edwards

This report looks at Scotland’s unique health care system, and explores how other parts of the UK might be able to learn from it.

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Health care and the Welsh elections

Briefing 22/04/2016

The Welsh NHS is at the centre of the campaign for next month’s Assembly elections. But which of the country’s political parties is right about how it is doing? Who has the answers? And what don’t they dare to ask?

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Health care and the Scottish election

Briefing 24/03/2016

The NHS will be a key issue for voters in the Scottish election given it is the biggest public service under the remit of the Scottish Government. In new analysis, Mark Dayan outlines some of the key facts and figures about the service's performance in Scotland.

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Nuffield Trust talks with Mark Dayan

Video 24/03/2016

24 March 2016 is officially the start of the 'election period' for the Scottish Parliament – although it will have escaped few Scots (even displaced ones like Policy and Public Affairs Analyst, Mark …

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Prudent progress in the Welsh NHS

Blog post 29/07/2015Professor Marcus Longley

The most common criticism of the NHS in Wales, even from its most loyal advocates, is that it seems almost incapable of change at sufficient pace and scale. ‘Lovely policy and strategy - shame it didn’t happen’ seems to be the common lament. This cannot continue, argues Marcus Longley in this...

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Will Scotland stop the squeeze on pay again?

Blog post 23/07/2015Professor James Buchan PhD, DPM

Professor James Buchan, Adjunct Professor, at the WHO Collaborating Centre, ponders whether Scotland can continue to defy Westminster by protecting staff pay increments in the Scottish NHS.

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Time for tough decisions: Northern Ireland’s great health challenge

Blog post 23/06/2015Nuffield Trust

Hugh McCaughey, Chief Executive of the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland blogs about the great health challenges facing the country, and examines the options.

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