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The NHS and the General Election: a false sense of security?

Blog post 07/05/2015Ruth Thorlby

Are we at risk of being lulled into a false sense of security with the NHS party pledges? Ruth Thorlby examines how the NHS has fared during the election campaign.

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10 NHS myths to watch out for

Data story 27/04/2015

Here we examine 10 of the most commonly heard untruths you might hear about our health service in the run up to the 2015 election.

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Political cross-dressing and the NHS

Blog post 27/04/2015Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynold's recaps our pre-election Health and Care Debate and presents his conclusions.

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The health and care debate

Conference/seminar 21/04/2015 • 11.00–12.30Dr Julia Reid MEP | Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP | Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP | Rt Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP

This debate provided a platform for the parties to explain their policies on health and care to an informed audience of professionals, practitioners, patients and policymakers ahead of the 2015 UK general election.

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The NHS bidding war

Blog post 21/04/2015Mark Dayan

Last week, all the major parties in England laid out their bids to be trusted with the future of the NHS. But observers could be forgiven for still having quite a few questions.

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Nuffield Trust responds to the Liberal Democrats' manifesto

Press release 15/04/2015

The Nuffield Trust respond to the Liberal Democrats' General Election manifesto.

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Facts, figures and views on health and social care: A resource for reporters of the 2015 general election

Briefing 14/04/2015

To help journalists, commentators and others interested in the pre-election debate on health, we have compiled some facts and figures from our recent work.

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Facts, figures and views on health and social care: A pack prepared for reporters of #GE2015

Presentation 14/04/2015

This presentation was created for reporters looking for key facts, figures and views on health and social care in the run up to the general election in 2015 in the UK. It was compiled by Leonora …

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Nuffield Trust response to Conservative manifesto

Press release 14/04/2015

The Nuffield Trust respond to the Conservative Party's General Election manifesto, released today.

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Nuffield Trust responds to Conservative pledge for £8bn per year of additional NHS funding

Press release 11/04/2015

The Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust, Nigel Edwards, responds to the new pledge by the Conservative party to meet the funding needs of the NHS outlined in the Five Year Forward View.

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