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Nuffield Trust response to NHS financial figures

Press release 09/10/2015

The Nuffield Trust responds to the latest financial reports from the NHS regulators.

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Health leaders don’t see how local plans can achieve required NHS efficiency savings

Press release 25/09/2015

Findings from the Nuffield Trust's next survey of health leaders were just released, looking at financial and other pressures facing health and social care services ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

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Health leaders' panel survey four: looking forward

Data story 19/03/2015

This fourth survey looks at the future of the NHS, and in particular whether NHS England’s Five Year Forward View has accurately diagnosed the challenges faced by the health service.

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Health and social care leaders expect struggle to meet efficiency targets

Press release 19/03/2015

A new survey of health leaders finds that money for care services will be one of the greatest challenges for the next government and that 76% are not confident that the NHS will be able to meet its goal of £22 billion efficiency savings over the period of the next Parliament.

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A starting gun or shot in the dark?

Blog post 19/03/2015Rob Kenyon

Robert Kenyon of Leeds Council responds to the finding of our fourth Health and Social Care Leaders’ survey, and argues that solving the financial crisis requires a long-term vision.

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The voluntary sector: ready, willing and able

Blog post 18/03/2015Dr Jane Collins

Dr Jane Collins of Marie Curie argues that the charities should not be seen as a 'nice-to-have' in health care. Indeed, the NHS is already wholly dependent on the support of the voluntary sector.

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‘Messy’ approach to rationing healthcare losing legitimacy: New Nuffield Trust analysis

Press release 19/02/2015

Growing financial pressure on the NHS is exposing a lack of legitimacy in the way many decisions about rationing healthcare in England are made, according to the Nuffield Trust.

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Health leaders' panellists

Page 04/11/2014

Health & social care leaders share their views.

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Snapshot survey of health leaders on NHS reform: 2013

Presentation 06/03/2013

In this slideshow, we present the key findings from a snapshot survey of health leaders views and attitudes to the NHS reforms. The findings (while not a comprehensive, representative sample) …

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