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Natasha Curry at Summit 2019: What can England learn from the long-term care systems in Japan and Germany?

Video 28/02/2019

Natasha Curry (Deputy Director of Policy, Nuffield Trust), discusses Japan and Germany's social care systems in the context of the upcoming green paper looking to reform the English system. Presentat…

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Following in the footsteps of Japan: making social care reform happen

Blog post 09/05/2018Natasha Curry

Alongside our new report, Natasha Curry looks back at the history of attempts to reform social care in England, and discusses learning points from Japan's system that might help us to ensure the green paper marks a turning point for social care over here.

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Looking to the long term: the Japanese approach

Blog post 27/11/2017Natasha Curry

Long read: Earlier this month, Natasha Curry and Sophie Castle-Clarke went to Japan to look at their social care system. Ahead of more work on it, a new long read from Natasha looks at the emphasis they place on prevention and long-term thinking, and why the UK should be wary of doi...

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Caring for an ageing population: points to consider from reform in Japan

Report 27/11/2013Natasha Curry | Holly Holder | Dr Linda Patterson OBE

This report explores how Japan has tried to meet the needs of its ever-growing older population through a new social care system, looking at points of interest for England.

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Reforming social care – the Japanese experience

Blog post 27/11/2013Dr Linda Patterson OBE

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Reforming social care – what can we learn from the world’s oldest country?

Press release 27/11/2013

A new Nuffield Trust report examines how radical reforms in Japan provided universal coverage to older people at a time of major financial constraints.

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Paul Burstow: Social care reform in England

Video 27/11/2013

In this video interview, Rt Hon Paul Burstow MP, Minister of State for Care Services (2010-2012), explores social care reform in England and what we can learn from the Japanese experience of …

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Masahiko Hayashi: Long-term care insurance in Japan

Presentation 06/11/2013

In this slideshow, Masahiko Hayashi, Deputy Assistant to the Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan, provides an overview of long-term care insurance in …

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