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Readmission rates: what can we learn from the Netherlands?

Blog post 11/01/2017Femke van der Brug

As part of a research internship at the Nuffield Trust, Femke van der Brug compared hospital readmission rates in English hospitals to those in her native Netherlands, and made some striking findings.

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Henny van Laarhoven: Innovation in the Dutch health system

Video 20/01/2014

In this video interview, Dr Henny van Laarhoven, Director, Orbis Group, Netherlands, explores the establishment of the Orbis Group and why it was innovative in the context of the Dutch health system. …

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Guy Schulpen: Primary care provision in the Netherlands

Video 29/01/2013

In this video, Dr Guy Schulpen, Zorg In Ontwikkeling (ZIO) – a primary care collaborative in the Maastricht area – discusses how ZIO compares to the usual model of primary care provision in the …

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Patrick Jeurissen: Productivity & cost in the Netherlands

Video 04/12/2012

In this interview, Dr Patrick Jeurissen, Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports, outlines strategies used to achieve productivity and control cost whilst improving quality in the Dutch health care …

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Wynand van de Ven: Use of risk adjustment in the Netherlands

Video 29/06/2011

The NHS in England has recently introduced a  risk-adjustment formula that will be used to allocate budgets  to GP practices and clinical commissioning groups. In June 2011 the Nuffield Trust held a  …

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