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Injustice? Towards a better understanding of health care access challenges for prisoners

Report 21/10/2021Dr Miranda Davies | Eilís Keeble | Rachel Hutchings

Many prisoners still struggle to access hospital services despite their significant health care needs, and early data suggests the pandemic has worsened access further. In this report, we consider new evidence relating to pre-existing health conditions before prison, the use of remote consultation,...

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Locked out? Prisoners' use of hospital care

Report 26/02/2020Dr Miranda Davies | Lucina Rolewicz | Laura Schlepper | Femi Fagunwa

It is widely known that prisons in England are crowded and facing severe difficulties, but the health and health care use of the prisoners within has received little attention. Drawing on over 110,000 patient hospital records for prisoners at 112 prisons, this study provides the most in-depth look t...

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What can we learn from hospital data about prisoner health?

Presentation 31/01/2019

A taster of early findings from analysis of prisoners' use of inpatient hospital services in 2017/18, current Nuffield Trust research in progress and potential uses of    hospital data to better …

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Understanding prisoners’ experience of health care to improve our research

Blog post 01/11/2018Dr Miranda Davies

With a new report today showing why the health and wellbeing of the prison population is everyone’s business, Miranda Davies looks at the issue of how prisoners feel about their health care.

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