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What is Scotland’s new National Care Service?

Explainer 24/06/2022

The Scottish government this week published landmark legislation to support its vision of social care reform. It will see a new national body, the National Care Service, being formed to set standards and commissioning priorities for delivery by newly established local care boards. In this explainer...

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Learning from Scotland’s NHS

Report 05/07/2017Mark Dayan | Nigel Edwards

This report looks at Scotland’s unique health care system, and explores how other parts of the UK might be able to learn from it.

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Scotland's NHS has lessons for the rest of the UK

Press release 05/07/2017

The unique strengths of Scotland's NHS, in particular the way it improves quality and safety, could be undermined by serious financial pressure over the next few years.

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Inspiration close to home

Blog post 05/07/2017Dr David Steel OBE

In this comment piece, Dr David Steel, former chief executive of Quality Improvement Scotland, welcomes the Nuffield’s new report on learning from Scotland’s NHS, and gives his take on why it’s worth looking north of the border.

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Health care and the Scottish election

Briefing 24/03/2016

The NHS will be a key issue for voters in the Scottish election given it is the biggest public service under the remit of the Scottish Government. In new analysis, Mark Dayan outlines some of the key facts and figures about the service's performance in Scotland.

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Nuffield Trust talks with Mark Dayan

Video 24/03/2016

24 March 2016 is officially the start of the 'election period' for the Scottish Parliament – although it will have escaped few Scots (even displaced ones like Policy and Public Affairs Analyst, Mark …

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Will Scotland stop the squeeze on pay again?

Blog post 23/07/2015Professor James Buchan PhD, DPM

Professor James Buchan, Adjunct Professor, at the WHO Collaborating Centre, ponders whether Scotland can continue to defy Westminster by protecting staff pay increments in the Scottish NHS.

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Comparing the four health systems of the UK

Presentation 11/04/2014

In this slideshow, we present key findings from our report:  The four health systems of the United Kingdom: How do they compare?  published in April 2014 jointly with the Health Foundation. …

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Mark Sanderson: Predictive risk – developments in Scotland

Video 13/06/2012

In this video, Mark Sanderson, Programme Manager of the Health and Social Care Information Programme, NHS National Services Scotland, outlines recent and future developments of SPARRA (Scottish …

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Nuffield Trust statement on NHS Scotland figures included in study of UK health performance

Press release 21/01/2010

The Nuffield Trust has now received official confirmation from the Office for National Statistics that an official figure obtained from the ONS and used in a January 2010 report was incorrect.

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