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How well is the NHS in Wales performing?

Long read 09/06/2022Mark Dayan | Sophie Flinders

We were asked by the BBC to review how waiting times in Wales compare with other UK countries and with historic trends. Despite comparable data being in short supply across the UK health services, we were able to examine headline waiting time figures in Wales alongside what we know about the health...

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A cross-sectional study to examine risk factors associated with childhood obesity (short title)

Journal article 03/08/2020

Full title: 'A cross-sectional study using the Childhood Measurement Programme for Wales to examine population-level risk factors associated with childhood obesity'

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Health care and the Welsh elections

Briefing 22/04/2016

The Welsh NHS is at the centre of the campaign for next month’s Assembly elections. But which of the country’s political parties is right about how it is doing? Who has the answers? And what don’t they dare to ask?

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Prudent progress in the Welsh NHS

Blog post 29/07/2015Professor Marcus Longley

The most common criticism of the NHS in Wales, even from its most loyal advocates, is that it seems almost incapable of change at sufficient pace and scale. ‘Lovely policy and strategy - shame it didn’t happen’ seems to be the common lament. This cannot continue, argues Marcus Longley in this...

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Fact or Fiction? The Welsh NHS performs poorly compared to the English NHS

Blog post 05/02/2015Nigel Edwards

The Labour-led NHS in Wales is a common and contentious subject between politicians in Westminster and Cardiff Bay. But does the Welsh NHS really perform poorly?

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The challenge of change in the NHS in Wales

Briefing 30/01/2015

Nigel Edwards examines the performance of the Labour-led Welsh NHS, how it compares to the English system, and why the political blame game does little to help patients.

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Nigel Edwards: Health check Wales with BBC Wales

Video 30/01/2015

Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust teams up with BBC Wales to provide an analysis of the performance of the Welsh NHS. He argues that it is difficult to compare the health services …

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A borderline debate

Blog post 24/11/2014Ian Blunt

Reports that Welsh residents were crossing borders to use English health services unfolded into a spat between the Daily Mail and the Welsh Government. Ian Blunt looks at the evidence.

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NHS in Wales could face £2.5 billion funding gap within ten years, new research reveals

Press release 17/06/2014

The Nuffield Trust today published analysis into the growing pressures on the NHS in Wales.

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The £billion question: funding the Welsh NHS for the future

Blog post 17/06/2014Alison Ward

If the next two years look tough for NHS Wales finances, the long-term could be dire – and not just for the health service.

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