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Hindsight 2020: Lessons on setting targets in health and social care

Report 08/01/2020Billy Palmer | Helen Buckingham | Nadia Crellin | Camille Oung

After the 2015 general election, the NHS and social care were set a number of targets on where they needed to be by 2020. Now that year has started, this briefing looks at how they have fared over that time, looking at a sample of key targets. Which have been met, which are being missed, and which b...

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Integrated care: what does it mean for commissioning?

Blog post 14/02/2018Nigel Edwards

Long read: Nigel Edwards looks at the risks and opportunities for commissioning as we move towards integrated care.

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A two-way street: What can CCGs teach us about accountability in STPs?

Report 15/11/2017Holly Holder | Helen Buckingham

A report exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) for accountability in the NHS.

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Top-down NHS management culture could undermine local reform initiatives, experts warn

Press release 15/11/2017

Confusing accountability structures and a return to a ‘command-and-control’ style of managing the NHS risks undermining local initiatives to better join up health care services.

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Staying accountable: NHS leadership in hard times

Blog post 15/11/2017Helen Buckingham

Alongside our new report today on accountability, Helen Buckingham looks at whether promises made nationally to improve leadership behaviour are being kept, and emphasises the stark consequences of getting it wrong.

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Who is accountable in the reformed NHS?

Conference/seminar 10/02/2016 • 09.00–10.30

This roundtable event brought together parliamentarians, policymakers and representatives from national stakeholder bodies to consider the future of accountability in the English NHS.

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The view from local government: Reconsidering accountability in an age of integrated care

Blog post 20/07/2015Cllr Izzi Seccombe

Izzi Seccombe, Leader of Warwickshire County Council, offers a local authority perspective on NHS accountability.

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The view from commissioners: Reconsidering accountability in an age of integrated care

Blog post 17/07/2015Dr Steve Kell OBE

Steve Kell, Co-Chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners, argues that concerns about conflicts of interest from GP commissioners have so far proved unfounded.

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The view from Healthwatch: Reconsidering accountability in an age of integrated care

Blog post 16/07/2015Jan Sensier

Responding to Ben Jupp's paper 'Reconsidering accountability in an age of integrated care', Jan Sensier argues that the most important factor for real accountability in the face of changing services is the voice of the public and patient.

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The view from Westminster: Reconsidering accountability in an age of integrated care

Blog post 15/07/2015Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell

Discussions about accountability are in danger of confusing method with purpose, argues Stephen Dorrell in a blog responding to a recent paper by Ben Jupp.

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