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Worrying winter performance figures as 12 hour trolley waits top the thousands

Press release 09/01/2020

Nuffield Trust responds to the latest NHS England Combined Performance Summary and Winter Situation Reports.

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Emergency care

Indicator update 26/04/2019Jessica Morris

In our latest update we've looked at trends in the quality of emergency care.

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NHS system capacity

Indicator update 13/09/2018Jessica Morris

A health system that is working close to or at full capacity is a strong indicator of a system that is under significant pressure. Here we review some of the NHS’s key system capacity indicators.

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Access and waiting times

Indicator update 17/08/2018Jessica Morris

With a review of access targets forming part of the long-term plan for the NHS, we take a longer-term look at some of the best known indicators, including the totemic four-hour A&E target.

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Nigel Edwards responds to weekly winter and monthly performance statistics

Press release 11/01/2018

New figures clearly reveal why the NHS is under such extraordinary pressure this winter.

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John Appleby responds to weekly winter operational statistics

Press release 04/01/2018

New statistics show the health service is likely to face another three months of exceptional need for care but it is starting from a precarious position.

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Our response to NHS England’s proposed changes to ambulance response targets

Press release 13/07/2017

The measures announced today are a common sense and evidence-based way to improve the way that patients are prioritised, however this shake-up is being proposed as the NHS is experiencing an unprecedented financial squeeze.

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Ambulance services staff experience is improving, says NHS Employers

Blog post 07/06/2017Sue Covill

Sue Covill, Director of Development and Employment for NHS Employers, responds to our briefing on ambulance services, explaining that while there is still work to be done, staff experience and morale are generally improving.

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Indicator update summary: infants and children, and waiting times

Indicator update 21/04/2017Robert Reed

A round-up of our latest indicator updates.

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Winter Insight: The ambulance service

Report 07/04/2017John Appleby | Mark Dayan

The ambulance service has come to be a totemic symbol of the NHS in England, free at the point of use and available to all. It represents the fundamental duty of care at the heart of the health service and is an expression of the dedication of NHS staff. In our final winter briefing, we look at thes...

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