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The growing problem of treatment waiting times

Blog post 21/05/2018Jessica Morris

Patients have the right to start treatment 18 weeks from a GP referral, but only 87% of patients received this in March 2018.

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Combined Performance Summary: December 17/January 18

Latest data 08/02/2018Jessica Morris

Key points from the latest performance data.

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2017: Quality in austerity

Annual statement 18/12/2017QualityWatch

As QualityWatch marks its fifth year, we present a series of blogs, including new analysis of key trends and turning points in quality data since 2009, and expert views on aspects of care quality over the last decade.

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Challenges in diabetes care for young people

Blog post 21/09/2017Simon O'Neill

Why are so few young people receiving some of the recommended care processes for diabetes?

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Sophie Clark: linked data

Presentation 12/11/2014

Sophie Clark, a paramedic for the London Ambulance Service, presents on the role of linked data and pre-hospital risk management as part of the Nuffield Trust's QualityWatch conference on Allied …

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Is care becoming safer?

Blog post 27/08/2014Ben Gershlick

The proportion of patients being harmed has fallen and this is cause for celebration, but we need a range of robust measures to keep rates of harm low.

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Liam Smeeth: Big data, e-health, and the Farr Institute

Presentation 30/06/2014

In this slideshow, Liam Smeeth, Deputy Director and Head of Department of Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine discusses big data, e-health and …

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