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Elective care

Indicator update 30/09/2019Jessica Morris

In our latest indicator update we've looked at trends in the quality of elective care.

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NHS system capacity

Indicator update 13/09/2018Jessica Morris

A health system that is working close to or at full capacity is a strong indicator of a system that is under significant pressure. Here we review some of the NHS’s key system capacity indicators.

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Access and waiting times

Indicator update 17/08/2018Jessica Morris

With a review of access targets forming part of the long-term plan for the NHS, we take a longer-term look at some of the best known indicators, including the totemic four-hour A&E target.

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Indicator update summary: February 2017

Indicator update 24/02/2018Robert Reed

A round-up of updates to our indicators on issues including NHS resources, premature mortality, early intervention and substance misuse.

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Indicator update summary: Inpatient experiences

Indicator update 11/08/2016Nora Cooke O'Dowd

We look at what the NHS Inpatient Survey reveals about patients' experiences.

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