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Those worrying about the transatlantic trade deal should look closer to home

Blog post 06/10/2015Nigel Edwards

There has been a lot of concern expressed about the planned free trade deal between the European Union and the US and the impact it will have on the NHS. But just how big a threat is TTIP to the way the NHS works?

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The benefits to patients? Shining a light on the NHS merger regime

Blog post 24/06/2014Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell examines mergers and their benefits for patients.

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How to make Monitor the ‘people’s champion’

Blog post 24/03/2014Matthew Bell

Monitor will have taken a significant step forward if there is widespread agreement about its purpose and it is trusted to carry that out.

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Summit’s up: issues for the 2015 election

Blog post 26/02/2014Andy McKeon

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NHS payment reform: lessons from the past and directions for the future

Report 02/02/2014Anita Charlesworth | Loraine Hawkins | Dr Louise Marshall

This policy response reviews different approaches to payment for health services in the English NHS.

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Got a problem? Call 118

Blog post 30/01/2014Andy McKeon

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Competition – an incentive for GPs?

Blog post 24/09/2013Matthew Bell

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Andrew Street: Market mechanisms in health care

Presentation 13/09/2013

In this slideshow, Professor Andrew Street, Professor of Health Economics and Director of the Health Policy team, Centre for Health Economics, provides an overview of competition and considerations …

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Carol Propper: Reform and demand response in the NHS

Presentation 13/09/2013

In this slideshow, Professor Carol Propper, Professor of Economics, Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London, describes the reform and demand response in the English NHS, considering …

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