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Cities & Local Government Devolution Bill: Report Stage

Briefing 04/12/2015

The Devolution Bill lays the framework for devolving powers to local areas.

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Can the Devolution Bill revolutionise population health?

Blog post 20/11/2015Dr Alisha Davies

As the Devolution Bill gains traction in parliament, Alisha Davies examines whether it presents a 'golden opportunity' for population health, or just a big distraction.

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Be prepared for a less 'national' health service

Blog post 13/11/2015Mark Dayan

The Devolution Bill lays the foundations for a reconstruction of the English state – and the NHS is far from exempt.

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Parliamentary briefing: Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill, 2nd Reading

Briefing 13/10/2015

The Devolution Bill lays the framework for devolving powers to local areas.

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The Devolution Bill and the NHS: what will it mean?

Blog post 02/09/2015Sharon Lamb

The Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill is moving quickly through parliament, but its implications for the NHS remain unclear. In a guest blog for the Nuffield Trust, our Senior Associate Sharon Lamb, Partner at Capsticks Solicitors LLP, examines some of the important issues and unanswered q...

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Nuffield Trust responds to Manchester health and social care plans

Press release 25/02/2015

Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust responds to the news that local authorities and health services in Manchester are to enter a new partnership to bring together health and social care budgets.

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‘Devo Manc’: Small steps, great leaps

Blog post 05/02/2015Nigel Edwards

The bold proposals to transfer responsibility for Greater Manchester’s health and social care needs to accountable bodies were the talk of our annual Health Policy Summit. Nigel Edwards reflects on discussions.

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A borderline debate

Blog post 24/11/2014Ian Blunt

Reports that Welsh residents were crossing borders to use English health services unfolded into a spat between the Daily Mail and the Welsh Government. Ian Blunt looks at the evidence.

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NHS in Wales could face £2.5 billion funding gap within ten years, new research reveals

Press release 17/06/2014

The Nuffield Trust today published analysis into the growing pressures on the NHS in Wales.

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Some UK countries spending more on the NHS but delivering less, finds major new Nuffield Trust report

Press release 20/01/2010

A unique analysis of the performance of the NHS before and after devolution has found striking differences in performance and spending per patient between the four countries of the UK.

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