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The NHS workforce in numbers

Explainer 08/05/2019

Facts on staffing and staff shortages in England.

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Staffing shortfall of almost 250,000 by 2030 is major risk to NHS Long Term Plan, experts warn

Press release 15/11/2018

Critical and lasting shortages in the healthcare workforce mean that the forthcoming NHS Long Term Plan risks becoming an unachievable ‘wish list’ of initiatives to improve the health service.

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The unwritten contract: the moral and ethical obligations of doctors

Blog post 15/02/2018Louella Vaughan

Louella Vaughan looks back at the Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba case, and explores its possible repercussions for what underpins the medical profession's role in the health service.

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Our reaction to announcement of increased UK training posts for doctors

Press release 04/10/2016

Nigel Edwards comments on Jeremy Hunt's announcement to increase the numbers of UK trained doctors.

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Our response to report from Royal College of Physicians

Press release 21/09/2016

Our response to today's report from the Royal College of Physicians: Underfunded, Underdoctored, Overstretched.

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What seems to be the trouble? Stories in illness and healthcare

Book 28/06/2006Professor Trish Greenhalgh

Is illness a problem to be solved or a story to be told? Professor Trisha Greenhalgh offers a new perspective on medicine.

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The nation's doctor: the role of the Chief Medical Officer 1855 - 1998

Book 25/10/2005Sally Sheard | Sir Liam Donaldson

The first major study of the Chief Medical Officer's role within the British government.

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Revalidation of doctors: the credibility challenge

Briefing 08/05/2005

Professor Mike Pringle challenges the current revalidation system and offers an alternative.

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A study of story telling, humour and learning in medicine

Book 01/10/2000Sir Kenneth Calman

This book gives an insight into the use of story-telling and humour in medicine.

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