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Quality and performance

Spotlight 11/05/2021

Monitoring how the quality of health and social care is changing over time can tell us how well the NHS is performing. This spotlight collects together some of our most popular charts looking at how the pandemic and other factors may be affecting care.

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International comparisons of health care quality: How good is the NHS?

Report 25/06/2018Mark Dayan | Deborah Ward | Tim Gardner | Elaine Kelly

An analysis of 22 indicators of care quality across 18 countries to explore how the UK compares against health systems in other developed countries.

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Dedicated GP support for nursing homes sees significant drop in emergency admissions

Press release 04/04/2018

A new scheme piloted in four nursing homes has resulted in a 36% reduction in emergency admissions to hospital, with the biggest reductions towards the end of people’s lives.

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Is it just the UK finding winter pressures hard?

Blog post 12/02/2018John Appleby

While this winter has been particularly tough for the NHS, we’re not the only nation affected by it, as John Appleby reveals.

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Managing patient flow and improving efficiencies: the role of technology

Blog post 18/08/2017Sophie Castle-Clarke

Long read: Having witnessed tracking technology first hand in two American health care organisations, Sophie Castle-Clarke sets out its strengths and how to implement it successfully.

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More NHS charges? Lessons from history

Blog post 08/08/2014Geoffrey Rivett

Providing a high-quality, accessible service from a tightly-held public purse is not a new dilemma for the NHS, says Geoffrey Rivett.

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Improving productive efficiency in hospitals: findings from a review of the international evidence

Journal article 07/08/2014

This paper provides an overview of the international evidence on how to improve productive efficiency in secondary care settings.

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The ‘wicked’ problem of access: is the telephone a solution?

Blog post 06/08/2014Dr Rebecca Rosen

Many patients love these triage services, but the system is not without challenges, says Rebecca Rosen.

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A good idea? Wait and see

Blog post 04/08/2014Holly Smith (Dorning)

We need to prepare a long term solution not a short term fix for NHS waiting times, says Holly Dorning.

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The Better Care Fund: no easy way out

Blog post 16/07/2014Mark Dayan

Mark Dayan examines the issues with the Better Care Fund's performance pot.

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