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Admissions of inequality: emergency hospital use for children and young people

Research 24/12/2017Lucia Kossarova | Ronny Cheung | Dougal Hargreaves | Eilís Keeble

Does a child's socioeconomic background affect rates of admissions to hospital for common conditions such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy?

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‘Worrying’ inequality gap highlighted in children’s emergency health care

News and opinion 24/12/2017

New research shows children from the poorest areas are consistently more likely to go to A&E and to need emergency hospital treatment.

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John Appleby responds to March's Combined Performance Summary

News and opinion 11/05/2017

Several measures are heading in the right direction but the number of admissions to hospital are still a cause for concern.

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New report shows rise in emergency hospital admissions for young children

News and opinion 24/04/2017

Latest QualityWatch Focus On report has found that the number of babies and young children admitted to hospital in an emergency has grown by almost a third over the past decade.

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Shifting the balance of care: Great expectations

Research 01/03/2017Candace Imison | Natasha Curry | Holly Holder | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Dr Danielle Nimmons | John Appleby | Ruth Thorlby | Silvia Lombardo

This research draws on an extensive literature review to assess the realism of the narrative that moving care out of hospital will save money. It explores five key areas: elective care, urgent and emergency care, admission avoidance and easier discharge, at risk populations, and self-care.

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We respond to October's Combined Performance Summary

News and opinion 08/12/2016

Professor John Appleby responds to the latest performance figures from NHS England.

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Continuous monitoring of emergency admissions of older care home residents to hospital

Research 01/01/2016

This research paper describes a method for using routine hospital data on admissions of older people as means for monitoring quality of care within a care home, and explores how this might be applied and used.

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New study reveals ‘striking’ disparity in emergency care use for people with mental ill health

News and opinion 14/10/2015

People with mental ill health had almost five times more emergency hospital admissions last year relative to people without; yet the vast majority of these emergency admissions were not explicitly to support mental health needs, and a proportion of them were potentially preventable.

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Urgent care summit – understanding cause and solutions

Event 31/03/2015 • 09.30–16.00Amy Caldwell-Nichols | Dr Kate Silvester | Dr Steve Allder

The Nuffield Trust hosted an event exploring the severe pressures facing Accident and Emergency departments.

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Improving cancer diagnosis: is there a better way than naming and shaming?

News and opinion 30/07/2014Dr Jessica Sheringham

It's not clear how shaming GPs into referring more patients will solve the problem of delayed diagnosis, says Jessica Sheringham.

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