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Chart of the week: Black NHS staff are underrepresented in senior management roles

Data story 11/06/2020

Each week, we present a chart that addresses a vital issue dominating global conversations around health care and society as a whole. This week, Lucina Rolewicz and Jonathan Spencer highlight the disproportionately low representation of black people working in senior positions in hospitals and commu...

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Are more black, Asian and minority ethnic people dying with Covid-19 than might be expected?

Blog post 27/04/2020Theo Georghiou | John Appleby

Amid worrying recent media reports that a disproportionate number of BAME people are dying from Covid-19, Theo Georghiou and John Appleby take a look at how the demographics of the areas worst hit by the coronavirus can affect attempts to assess the extent of the problem.

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The gender pay gap in the English NHS: how does it vary by ethnicity?

Blog post 12/07/2018Laura Schlepper | John Appleby

While we already know there is an overall gender pay gap in favour of men in the English NHS, research shows that pay gap inequalities between men and women are also shaped by ethnic inequality. Laura Schlepper and John Appleby look at its impact within the NHS.

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