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Reinventing the hospital

Blog post 18/07/2018Richard Darch

In a guest blog, Richard Darch sets out a vision for the hospital of the future and introduces the idea of the health and wellness campus, describing it as something the public can really buy into and benefit from.

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Nuffield Trust to work with the BBC for the NHS at 70

Announcement 11/04/2018

Along with three other think tanks, the Nuffield Trust will address five of the most important questions facing the NHS today.

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The future of health – health of the future

Report 01/06/2003Keith Barnard

This volume explores the future environment of health in Europe and anticipates future problems and opportunities.

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Healthcare building for tomorrow: developing a 2020 vision

Book 01/05/1999Richard Burton | John Wyn Owen | Dr Ronnie Pollock | Morton Warner | Dr Jeremy Wyatt

This book is the result of a seminar which set out to develop a vision for health care environments.

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Future challenges for the NHS: An international perspective on the 50th anniversary

Report 01/01/1999Donald Light

An international perspective on the past and future of the NHS.

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Medicine & management: Proceedings of the fifth Trent Region Seminar

Report 01/01/1989John Pemberton

Report on the proceedings of the fifth Trent Region Seminar on health service developments in the decade ahead

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Specialised futures - Essays

Report 01/01/1975Nuffield Trust

A collection of essays in honour of Sir George Godber,

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The future and present indicatives

Report 01/01/1973Gordon McLachlan

Collection of essays about medical care

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